Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! A Great Day for Feline Fotos! Happy Caturday!

2개월 전

Today was the best day (as far as feline fotos go) that I've had in a while! I managed multiple group photos, including some AWESOME shots of them doing various things: cleaning each other's ears, hanging out in the same bed, etc. I found a good strategy to keep them from running off; I would give each one a serious belly rub, snap some photos, then sit back down and repeat. It seemed to work, lol! Enjoy!

Group shot,

3grp lickitung.jpeg

Tiger and Cleo.


Cleo squeezing into Blaze's bed (he looks annoyed).

1blaze unhappy with cleo.jpeg

Group shot again!

2group shot bnlz front.jpeg

Blaze stretchin' good.


Group shot, alternate angle.

5group photo.jpeg

Blaze 'n' Cleo, Take 2.


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It's always rewarding when I grab some good cat snaps...They don't always like to play along, having minds of their own and all, so when it all comes together it's a good day! I guess like you've had.


Most definitely! These guys tend to walk right at me as I'm taking a photo, and bump their heads into my phone/hand/leg, which of course results in me petting them, so I think I've trained them to screw up my photos, lol. They get rewarded every time....


We put up with them and love them more for their behaviour...They know it too! 😄


They most definitely do!


They definitely put on quite the show!

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