Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Blaze and Cleo, Together Again, a Rare Catch!


I was surprised that I caught Blaze and Cleo together in TWO photos today! After the Caturday photos, I figured I wouldn't catch them in the bed together for weeks, as Blaze gets annoyed and runs off, but today was my lucky day! Tiger didn't want to participate, but I got some pictures of him downstairs by himself, so all in all, a decent day! Enjoy!

Cleo and Blaze in the bed upstairs.


Tiger downstairs, birdwatching before I distracted him.


Blaze and his toys.


Cleo and Blaze, downstairs. Blaze claimed this bed before Cleo could.


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Cats will change their routine I think just from getting bored...


yea, these guys used to change based on the weather, but nowadays its much more random.

Hi @grapthar,

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