Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Sunny Day Laziness!

2개월 전

The cats were pretty happy to have the sun come out all day today, as it's been on-and-off cloudiness this last week. Cleo returned to an old haunt, the windowsill, and the other two found various other spots to laze-about. Enjoy!

Cleo relaxing.


Tiger in his basket.


Blaze looking good.


Cleo again, same spot, more sun.


Tiger in his day-glo box.


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classic, adorable poses from a great trio!
And this headline reminds me to treasure them all the more:
This decade taught us to love viral pets. Now we have to grieve their deaths.


oof, right in the feels. I know, now we don't just worry about our own pets, but the millions of others online! I suppose that's a good thing in the end though.


Good, as long as we keep cool and carry on after the loss of each furry little loved one. :)


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