Time for moar cuddles!

4년 전


Time for moar cuddles!

steemkitten image by royal canin

I had a good rest and I am back at 100% cuddlyness!

I haven't learned any proper tricks yet,

but I am a bit smarter already.

I can now see if you cuddle with yourself too much.

I'll still be nice to you, just not as much.

It's time to meet new friends.


But first,
cuddle attack gif

I have to deliver some long overdue cuddles!


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All the youngsters are cute. But the kittens are especially cute.

Cuuuddleees :D

Aww... nice to have you on steemit @steemkitten! :D


cuddle attack gif


milk treading gif

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Cats have been domesticated for half as long as dogs have been.