Muffin and Jane


Meet Muffin (the left kitty) and Jane
Muffin estimated age is 4.5 years, she adopted us... she arrived to our apartment and she decided to live with us.
Jane is 2.5 years old , her mom decided to give birth in an empty cardboard box near my door...


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what cute kitty and jane 🐱
I want to iron)
wow what is their house)
and a good place for childbirth) hahah

!giphy cats

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giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Muffin and Jane, They are very cute cats 🐱🐱

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Thank you very much @steempty! All the best.😊😊😸😺

good house-scratcher buddy!!!

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for you

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What wonderful stories compliment your squishy critters!! 😍

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I like pet as well. Yes. All kinds of pet. Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds even Guniea pig.

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