Meet Willow! She is the light in my life...and she makes every day special!

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I thought it was about time that I reintroduce Willow! My fur baby made quite a lot of appearances on my previous blog and twitter profile. Some of you will already know how extra special this little angel really is! She loves the camera and enjoys turning herself into the star anytime that I happen to be recording. She has a very thoughtful and loving personality but can also be very demanding and opinionated. She gets anxiety around other people and loud noises....but then again I do as well. I love everything about her complicated personality and wouldn't change a single thing about her. We were made to understand and take care of one another and are perfectly matched!

Willow is currently three years old. She was adopted from the shelter as this little scraggly malnourished ball of grey fur. At one point...I thought she might always have this sorta scratchy medium length fur and was okay with that. But she grew up into this soft and sleek little princess! The way she rolls on her back reminds me of an otter. I have always thought of her as my snow and christmas time baby because she came home towards the end of November. Right from day one we bonded and have been inseparable. We have never been apart for more than 12 hours! She helps me in countless ways with managing anxiety and depression, severe chronic illness and physical disability. Willow is the light in my life...and she makes every day special!

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Ahhhhh so cute XD That kitten pic especially! Is she actually as big as she looks? It seems like you love her too much and she got massive :)


Even though she came to me half starved...she was a big kitten!
I lost another precious girl a few months all that love had to go somewhere :D