Saturday Caturday

2개월 전

Good Saturday to ya my Steem fam. As you know, today is no normal Saturday, nay,it is Caturday Sunday. So in honor of that, I snapped this priceless, in my opinion, photo of these traitors (not the human......)

My two cats, the orange cat, "Orangey" and Spots are my cats, but ever since my boyfriend moved in, they've slowly been turning, despite the fact I feed them, provide water for them and scoop their shit.

Spots is female and took a liking to the bf much quicker even though she can be a bit standoffish to some people. Big boy is typically a Mama's boy but I don't like him being propped beside me as I am drinking coffee due to his long, fluffy hair could get in my beverage. Gross! Love him anyway though. <3

I have had both cats for about ten years. Aren't they just as cute as they can be?



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