A Saturday Caturday Walk

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It's Saturday/Caturday, so I decided to come out of the woodwork and post something before I take off on another trip on Wednesday! Yes, I'm on the move again! I have not been around much for the last few weeks because I have been busy planning a trip involving three plane rides and two train rides before I arrive at my destination in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, Wales where I will be meeting up with family for a couple of weeks. When I return, I really have to finish all my French Polynesia posts too!

This little kitty is a neighborhood stray who comes to eat at our house every evening around five or six o'clock. He is pretty skittish, so I was amazed that I could get this clear shot of him.
© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

Normally he hides underneath one of the cars until I go back into the house to fetch him some food.
© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

I met this little guy while participating in a 10K walk with my walking club, The First Coast Trail Forgers, affiliated with the AVA - American Volkssport Association. Check to see if there is a club in your area if you like to walk! It's a great way to keep fit, socialize and to check out interesting things to see and photograph on the routes!
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Our walk today was in the historic area of San Marco in Jacksonville Florida, and not only did we encounter a few furry felines, but we also kept coming across these big cats everywhere! Not being one to be left wondering about something, I searched on Google when I got home to see if I could come up with a reason for why lions seem to be so popular in San Marco. People I talked to on the way didn't seem to know the answer!

© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

Here's what I found out! San Marco is Italian for Saint Mark who is the patron saint of Venice, Italy, and whose symbol is – THE LION!
© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

This last photo has no lions or cats in it, but thought you might like to see this little tributary of the St. Johns River we passed on our walk.
© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

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Thanks for reading!

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What a lovely post and wishing you safe travels and a great trip



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Thanks so much. I've been a bit preoccupied lately. LOL!


Planning a trip can take ones time up for sure
Life’s been a bit crazy for me also

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 4 of my contest just started...check it out!
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Thank you Pixie!

Amazing that the Patron Saint's symbol was the lion. Who knows, maybe ha had a connection to somewhere here in Africa?
Take care on your trip and enjoy the time my friend.


Maybe! Thanks! I am looking forward to some good family time!


Great and we are looking forward to some photos of your trip and visit my friend.

Ooohhhh, how exciting... another trip! :)
I have been telling myself to drop by your page and keep missing it!
Looking forward to more shots soon... And love all your kitties - big and small!

Safe travels!


I’m on my way and up in the air now. I have not been posting much. I can’t keep up with life these days. 🤣🤣🤣