Cats and windows...


Seven kitties waiting behind the window...
DSC00439 (2).JPG

Dare to be very close with the window in between...
SUNP0009 (7).JPG

Study the weather conditions...
7 c (2).JPG

Look outside dreamily and then ... fall asleep
IMG_20190929_111557449 (4).jpg

Peeping at birds...
10 a (2).JPG

To be in or to be out, that's the question...
9 (2).JPG

camera device details : motorola X11771Moto E4plus

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Thanks, cute cats are cute pictures :-)
And thanks for resteeming!

I love all the kitties, so cute!


Thanks and I Che'ju is a beautiful cat!


Thank you, we do love her.

Love to have two young kittens!! Could they speak Thai?!


Unfortunately, these kittens are already big and already have another owner. Anyway speaking Thai would have been difficult, they are born in Belgium ;-)


Oh! They are European cats!! Haha!