CATURDAY: An Ode to My Cat - The Grass Is Always Greener Where She Is


This is Angel. Angel is well fed. She loves life and she doesn't have to be told twice to "stop and smell the roses". She is a lady of luxury and a feline who rules her roost. We love her, we do!

Angel is happy to just be. She loves her home and has no complaints (unless she finds her bowl empty). The grass is always greener where she is. 

Angel is an old girl. She is 12 years old, to be exact. She has graced us with her presence for that long! 

An Ode to My Cat

The grass is always greener where she is...

Cat, you are fat

You have never caught a rat

And there's no complaint about that

Every night your presence graces our mat

I couldn't imagine life without you, I just think "oh my hat"

Okay, so I am no poet! But this does hint at how much our blue-eyed ball of fluff means to me!


Much love @sweetpea

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So cute - I just cannot imagine life without cats