CONTEST Looking Back/Look Forward 2.14


Is it that kids this days don't respect, or I'm the one who expects too much from them.🤷🏾‍♂ I remember when I was a kid, adults around me were also saying kids of our time don't respect. Is it just something every adult says, or things are getting worse by the day?🤔

when I was in class 3

When I was in primary school, you greeted almost every adult you meet in your way to or from school. This days, parents tell their kids not to talk to strangers,🤐 so kids feel even greeting someone you don't know is also talking to a stranger. I don't know if not talking to strangers is a problem on its own or it's a solution to a problem.🤫

I believe when they are told not to acknowledge adults,🙅🏾‍♂ that's when they start abusing it and decide not to even take corrections from adults and hence, start disrespecting adults. Is bad parenting the cause of our woes? Governments👨🏾‍✈️ now interfere in how kids are raised and have even more rights to children than their parents and guardians.

When I was younger,👩‍ whenever I watch a western movie🎬 and I see kids being allowed too much freedom, I was happy🕺🏾 about that and wish that would be extended to Ghana.🇬🇭 As I get older, I've realised that such freedom is the reason why the western cultures are suffering now. Society has broken down.

Some parents👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 have taken up a new "skill" where they don't say "no" too often to their kids. Who thought them that?🤦🏾‍♂ If your kid doesn't know what's wrong,❌ how do you expect the kid to know what's right?✔️ Everything becomes a yes because there's no no and then they start misbehaving.

When I was a kid, you can be doing something wrong and the look my mum😒 will give you will make you stop🚫 immediately and sometimes even cause you to cry. This days, when kids are doing something wrong and you look at them sternly, they stare😏at you mischievously and continue with whatever it is they were doing.

The West says caning your child is abuse which causes depression and some long terms problems. I was caned when I was a child but I'm not depressed and I don't believe I've been traumatized by it. More children are abused, traumatized and depressed now where punishing a child and saying no has been pushed to the back.

I miss😊 the days when I was younger where if you do something at home, your parents can bring you to school to be whipped. Now when teachers👨🏾‍🏫 cane children, parents take them to court. Looking back, I miss the old days.

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Oh, what a cute boy you were.

If it comes to what you say I agree.

The world and each generation of children is getting worse.
I feel like the last one with kids that behave. I give them a look and they know what I mean.

Some teachers of the latest school my two youngest visited did pull ears and no parent complained about it. The kids do not hate the teachers either but there are who you do not want to see grow up to be the future of the nation. The teachers say the parents are as worse.

At times I think I didn't raise my children well. They are not prepared to fight the big mouths and fight for their rights. They are always pushed back at the end of the row.

I think many parents don't care or are too tired to invest in raising children. These are the families where everyone is shouting the whole day on to be heard and seen.

All those new ideas about raising children, taking courses on how to do it, did not bring a better society.

Each time again it surprises me how many people have a lack of self-esteem and buys all the bullshit told.

You never see CPS show up in real, extreme cases of child abuse.

I also tell my children not to talk to strangers and go along with them or anyone, but they do greet people just like I do and say "thank you", but people, including the teachers!, seldom greet back.

Thanks for joining this contest like always you have my vote!

Your number is #5.

I wish you a great day. 💕

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Glad to be a part and thanks for your compliment.

Making money has been difficult so most parents don't even get time for their kids.

Glad your kids a a bit better and the teachers are good too. Your kids are nice in a cruel world. They have no faults

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I tried to change them but my son refused to hit someone or defend himself. The teacher bullied him, never greeted back, for two years. He kept greeting her. She wrote his will and own opinion had to be broken. I read it in the school file as I asked for it.

He said he would rather emigrate as being a bully and fight. So that is what we did. That school was not willing to let him be the person he is. The next was even worse with their extreme religion. End of the story he emigrated.

He says he cannot remember that teacher but I can. One day she will meet me again... Same for that lousy principal.
I hope he forgot most, that school nearly broke him.

I wish you a great day with good kids all over the place. 💕

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Thank you. I'm glad he decided not to conform by the teacher's standards. He's strong.

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