ANNOUNCEMENT winner(s) "What does CCC mean to you 2.24"

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The contest "What does CCC mean to you 2.24" ended. The new contest is online. The commentcoin tag is used for it!

In this contest participated

  1. @felixgarciap
  2. @wakeupkitty.pal
  3. @fitinfunfood
  4. @olivia08

Winner: 1 SBI + 1 Steem
New member: 1 SBI
Bonus best entry: 1 Steem


The winner is: #1

Congratulations @felixgarciap you won 1 SBI + 1 Steem.
The winning entry you can read here

Number #2 won the bonus.
Congratulations @wakeupkitty.pal. You won 1 Steem for the best entry
The entry you can read here

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Comment-bonus prize
From the participants @wakeupkitty commented most. Since she is the sponsor this prize goes to @olivia08.

Please visit, comment and upvote your fellow #ccc members.

This is the only way for us to grow!

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Greetings friends of @team-ccc, thank you very much for the award, greetings to all participants of this challenge, hopefully more people join for this new call.

Felicitaciones @felixgarciap un post muy creativo con esas palomitas de maiz,


Muchas gracias amiga @sacra97, recuerda cuando vamos al cine y pedimos palomitas de maiz, así debemos consumirlas cuando navegamos en los mares de steemit. Recibe mis afectos.

felicitaciones a los ganadores. A mi se me olvidó publicar, que cabeza la mía. Un abrazo a todos.