CDRX — Blockchain Technology in the Traditional Securities Market

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At that moment when the stock market essentially uses only outdated payment instruments, there are such problems, as:

  • high financial costs of transactions — using the traditional stock market, investors are forced to pay a large percentage as a transfer fee;
  • large transactions time— the average time to complete the transfer is 2–3 days;
  • lack of equity ownership — securities of some companies are expensive (up to $ 300,000 per share), and most investors can’t buy them;
  • documentation — on the traditional stock market, documents on the brokerage account are required, as well as documents on the initiation of transfers and their completion;
  • back office costs — for processing a large amount of papers (previous problem) we need specialists, office equipment and premises, which causes additional costs;
  • settlement risks — the counterparty may not pay under the contract, referring to bankruptcy or other circumstances.
    What is CDRX?

CDRX.IO is a platform that will bring blockchain technologies into the traditional stock market. CDRX is a decentralized platform that integrates security tokens tied to real assets of companies.

Each security token is a CDR (Crypto Depository Receipts). Thanks to the CDR, each token has the same rights as shares (bonds) — the right to receive dividends, vote, etc. All operations will take place with pairs of security-tokens linked to shares and other cryptocurrencies on their own CDRX exchange. There will also be added securitized cryptocurrencies such as: ETH, BTC and XRP.

The developers of CDRX.IO have provided solutions to all the problems listed above in their new platform.

  • The price of a transaction conducted through the CDRX platform will be $ 0.15–0.2. This was made possible through the use of the ERC-20 standard used by the Ethereum platform. Its distinctive feature — the transaction fee does not depend on its amount.
  • To solve the problem of slow transactions, the developers of CDRX.IO divided all transfers into two categories — “slow” and “fast”. The first, thanks to the ERC20 standard, will be processed in 30 minutes. And to complete the “fast” transfers will take 2–3 minutes.
  • The CDRX.IO platform will give investors the opportunity to buy assets not entirely, but in fractions of 0.01 CDR, 0.001 CDR or even less. This will get rid of the situation when the asset is too expensive to acquire it completely.
  • The CDRX will eliminate the problems associated with back office and documentation. This is made possible by the distributed blockchain structure. Two participants interact directly with each other. And all the documents confirming the transaction are stored in the blockchain itself.
  • To minimize the risk, CDRX developers propose to implement calculations between counterparties in real time.

Thanks to CDRX, you will be able to discover the limitless world of investment assets, since it works as simply as regular cryptocurrency trading with all its advantages.




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