What’s Your Signature Celebration?

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What’s Your Signature Celebration?

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Everyone usually has a signature celebration. If you never noticed before you just might find yourself paying attention to yourself and your family and friends now. It’s funny as hell to see people’s celebrations.

For example

NBA Players

Lebron James

Signature Celebration - “The Silencer”

James Harden

Signature Celebration - “Stirring The Pot”

Stephen Curry

Signature Celebration - “Tap & Point To The Sky”

Lebron gif, Harden gif & Curry pic Source

Yes these celebrations are amazing and when you’re a pro athlete you probably need a Signature celebration.

My favorite celebration however is not from a professional athlete or famous musician it’s from my own father. My dad has unknowingly created what I think is the best celebration of all time. He pulls out this move when he gets a last roll large straight or his Yahtzee!

Craig Bowes

Signature Celebration - “Wacky Waving Crazy Inflatable Arms Guy”


Do you or your friends have a Signature Celebration? I would love to find out more about it if you do!

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Now that is for sure the funniest thing we have seen in a long time. We laughed ourselves silly. Such a nice release after all the car shit. lol...way to go xxxx



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10-piece dark meat bucket from KFC PER PERSON.

That's how I roll.

All of his celebrations just kill me!! LOLOLOL!!

I hate to upvote this, because looook at all those 3's!!

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