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Thanks to @SirKnight for giving me this opportunity to participate in this Challenge.

Hello Fellow Steemians, I say good day to you all. Today is Celestial Friday and the theme for today's contest are love, beauty and freedom. So, I have choosen to write on the " love and Responsibilities of Parents to their Children.


Once the child is born to the world, of course into a family, there are some basic fundamental parent-child responsibilities that must be laid bare from the beginning. Good parenting always begins with some central truth that borders on the type of family in which you must have to enusure your childrens's proper upbringing. Is family not the most important circle in the life of the individual? Is it not from the family that children are meant to imbibe quality leadership skills and virtues at a period wherein lies bright hope of

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quick adaptability for life journey? The Holy Bible admonishes parents, " Teach a child how he should live well, and if he grows up, he will not depart from it" ( Prov. 22:6 ). These principles are the foundations. They matter the most. It does not matter what you know, if you do not know what matters. Parents must communicate the principles that really count and can only be proactive when we have settled the issues we believe are important. If we fail to do this, we can only react and do damage control. Parents should prioritize what is important. How do you react to problems and how do you view life and its philosophy?


Good parenting means nurturing kids blessed with patience and fortitude in following their principles and their beliefs, then their noble deeds will become almost like miracles in the sight of men. Parenting is simply about mentoring and mentoring is like having a legacy by teaching life-long lectures to the children. It is the leaving of memorable impressions on the kids and always looking forward to achieving just that all-through their lives. As a parent, can you truly describe your role to your child as a genuine mentor or as an adviser and consultant? While advisers and consultants can be very helpful, true mentors are effective partly because they are only interested in helping others succeed.

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It is of utmost importance that the children enjoy steadfastness on their principles, because they are the ones to lead, and if their affairs are in order, then the life of the people will be in order. On the other hand, if they fall into deviance and wickedness, fall victims to worldly desires, or become corrupt by their sorroundings, then the world will become as corrupt as they are. Christ Jesus calls us sons and daughters of LIGHT, SALT unto the Earth ( Mathew 5: 13-16 ). Let us build and mould good children on whose shoulders nations and future civilization woild be established. I rest my case.( please Upvote, Comment and Resteem).

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A child is a gift from God as well as responsibility, as parents,it is our utmost task to mould our children in the right direction for the world to be a better place