Daily Celestial Challenge Initiated By @SirKnight Thursday: Forces of Nature

3년 전

Thanks to @Sirknight for giving me this opportunity to participate in this challenge.
My greetings to all steemians. I am very sorry for being out of blog for some days now, it was due to circumastances beyond my control. So, I am back with a bang, that is if steem pays rewards.


Erosion is a natural phenomenon. As it is said that God in his inifinite powers created everything with reason. Nothing in nature is bad in the eyes of God, it is simply that nature is not subject to ethics. Natural forces could always find its ways.


According to ( wikipedia) erosion is an action wehereby the surface processes such as wind and waterflows removes rock, soil and desolved materials from one location on the earths surface and then transport them to another location.

It must be noted that erosion has become a serious menace to residence and farmers. To the farmers, it reduced the ability of the soil to store water and nutrients. It is also exposed the subsoil which usually have poor physical and chemical properties. When top soil is gone, erosion can cause rills and gullies that make cultivation of farmlands imposible. Worthy of note is that erosion leads to low rate of biodiversity because of less vegetation.

images (2).jpg

To the residential buildings, erosion do destroy the soil in which the buildings are erected and gradually led to the eventual collapse of these buildings and the victims becomes homeless.


So, I am advocating that we human beings who are part of natural creations should also endeavour to protect and preserved the land from erosion. We can do this when ever we discovers any sign of erosion. This is imperative before the erosion escalates. Finally, I hereby posted the photographic expressions of some erosion sites for your perusals.
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