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Hi friends steemit, once again I am happy to share with you in this space #DailyCelestialChalestge, organized by @sirknight.

Today I will be talking about the Venezuelan turpial, beautiful bird with a beautiful black plumage on the head and upper chest, with the rest of the body dark yellow almost orange.Its wings are completely black with a white stripe that extends along each wing when they are closed.Resplendent yellow eyes with a light blue skin contour, being one of the most beautiful songbirds in Venezuela.

turpial 1.jpg


This beautiful bird frequents the warm and little rainy areas like the savannah, plain, cardonal or where they find abundant food indispensable for their diet, characterized by insects, fruits, eggs of other birds and sometimes other smaller birds.

turpial 2.jpg


The turpial can live alone or as a couple.His melodious, sonorous and varied song that is heard at dawn and is very appreciated.The males usually sing more than the females.

Its reproduction occurs between the months of May and June, on few occasions they build their nests since in some cases they aggressively expel their occupants.Its laying is 3 to 4 eggs and the incubation is only given by the female.The pups are fed by their parents approximately for 15 days.

turpial 3.jpg


The turpial has been cataloged as the national bird of Venezuela since 1957. It is a beautiful bird with many virtues that amply justify its status as a national emblem.

turpial 4.jpg


Invitation rules to join the heavenly challenge:@sirknight is the brain behind this challenge and exposes you to a whole new world.
Sunday = Light
Monday = Darkness
Tuesday = AnimalKingdom
Wednesday = Structures
Thursday = ForcesinNature
Friday = LoveBeautyFreedom
Saturday = Agriculture

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