Fireflies in my Heart | Challenge by @celfmagazine


Celf Challenge

Greetings friends! Today I pause at the Inktober to participate in the illustration challenge of @celfmagazine I was very worried about not arriving in time to make my entry to the contest but I think I will achieve it !!

5 great writings but I had to choose only one and that is the one that has the title Fireflies in my Heart, Hands in my Hair by @katrina-ariel

Let me tell you that I had already had the opportunity to listen to some songs of the authorship of this girl and it is incredible, to see her inside those selected do not hesitate to draw a picture for your beautiful poem and song.

As the title says it is about the fireflies in the heart where it also mentions a starry night. I wanted to do it very literally, what you see now is the first thing that came to my mind and here they have it, it is a real heart style, with fireflies inside the heart, around it some mountain trees in a starry night, I continue with the tattoo style using my favorite technique "Pointillism", it is very difficult for me to get out of this style now for the question of "Inktober" I hope you like it, a big hug to all!


Use a pencil to shade some areas of the heart and thus be able to delimit where would place the pointillismos then it was erased.

Thank you very much everyone for visiting my Blog

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Amazing artwork. I really liked the shading and dot dot effect in your work :)
Keep it up :)


Thank you very much @manisha.jain9, A big hug!

Those fireflies are incredible and the effect you gave him with pointillism was perfect. A wonderful sketch, Greetings @naideth


Thank you so much @anablogs

This is so neat! I love the trees and the night sky above, and the fireflies in the heart... which also looks kinda like a shell. I'm honoured that you chose to illustrate my writing. You came up with such a creative way to express it! :)


Thank you very much @katrina-ariel, your beautiful writing captivates me and I am very happy that you liked it, a big hug !!

What a beautiful creation, we love all the details related to the story. Thank you for participating


Thank you very much for the support @celfmagazine, the challenge is great and very valuable for the community of artists.

You got very well the writing of the girl, it's a beautiful drawing, full of a lot of meaning ..


Many thanks @dianita

Wow what a great job @naideth I love design in general, a beautiful sketch, it goes very well with the story !!


Thank you so much @kevintravel a hug!!!

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Thank you very much for the support @c-squared

Wow it looks like a tattoo, anyone could be happy with a heart design like this, I love it, good luck @naideth


Grateful for your comment, I'm glad you liked it!

Good thing you did a break in Inktober so we can enjoy this great work .. Super great @naideth


The inktober demands a lot of time, and I am happy to do this for the challenge ..! Thank you very much for commenting I appreciate it very much.

Very lovely, @naideth :) I like your beautiful and clean lineart, as always, and the way you portray this theme makes me feel like fluttery in my heart, also, like there are fireflies !!!

Gorgeous step by step explanation <3 Very wonderful !


Very grateful with the constant support, I'm glad you liked the design, a big hug @veryspider !!

really sweet one!


Thank you @frejafri :)

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