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I read his post a little while ago concerning this issue. @coininstant said his comments, as well as when and if he gives a vote can no longer be seen on the Steemit front end.

However I want to confirm that I can not see any of his votes up or down, as well as his comments on Steempeak as well.

Then I went to to try and see if I could view it over there. When I visit I am getting this message on all of my devices (iphone, ipad, all 3 of my laptops). Please let me know if you are also seeing this same message when visiting

Perhaps is in the middle of an update, and or no longer functioning? I am not sure as I do not use this platform whatsoever.

At any rate @coininstant it is safe to say that not only are your (comments/votes) banned from public view, however you also include

Not sure about as I can not access their platform at this time.

Now I understand people will say that you deserved this due to your comment to gtg. However I wish to point out that if what you said was indeed worthy of this type of censorship/ban than we must be fair with that rule across the board. Meaning that if death threats result in a Steem ban (I am not agreeing that this is what happened, this is what you are being accused of). But if this was done by you, and is ban/censorship worthy. Then we all must agree that Bernie Sanders has done the exact same thing on Steem by telling folks he wishes to put a bullet in their head.

The very fact that this behavior is allowed by Steemit for such characters as the Bernie Sanders account. But there is an apparent double standard for users such of yourself, just goes to show the hypocrisy that is rampant on Steem.

So the very people running this platform can death threat the users all they want, but if a user does it they are banned? Perhaps you learned from seeing Bernie do it that it was "ok to do", as it is so "well tolerated" and "allowed to continue" with out any ban, or censorship done on Bernie by Steemit.

They can not run a business that will have success when they are running it on a double standard. People will see this behavior and not invest. It just goes to show the crooked unprofessional substandard way by which they treat their customers.

If it is good enough for Bernie to do, and he is allowed to do it for YEARS with NO RECOURSE for his actions. Then it should send a message that this behavior is TOLERATED by STEEMIT.
But for Steemit to ALLOW him to do it by doing NOTHING to stop him, they are enabling his actions.

I have asked this question in the past and was told, "well Steemit is censorship resistant and therefore they have no business to step in to censor, censoring/downvoting should be dealt with by the people" <-- that is why I was told Bernie allowed to do it unchecked by Steemit Inc.

However Steemit Inc. steps in gladly to censor you @coininstant for doing the very thing they ALLOW Bernie to do!

So something CAN be done to prevent that type of commenting, behavior.. but Steemit chooses to do NOTHING. Why is that? Oh I know why. Do you?

It is because Bernie IS BEHIND STEEMIT, and obviously he is not going to censor himself on his own platform.

Conclusion: Steem is Bernie, hence proven by what has just happened to you @coininstant. All while NOTHING ever has happened to Bernie, but he has done much worse!


#informationwar #truth #steemit #steem #lies #corruption #censor #censorship

Note: As the above quote states. I do not agree with what either of you have said. I am merely pointing out the double standard, and hypocrisy of Steemit. And I am defending both of your right to free speech, and EQUAL treatment. Either it is OK to say those types on things on Steem, or it is not.

And that is why I will never buy one cent of Steem, nor will I ever advise anyone else to do so. This coin is a garbage currency, run by garbage people. Don't waste one red cent guys.

Steem is dead and only a moron wouldn't be in a powerdown at this point.

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I'm currently using Steempeak and seeing votes from both @coininstant and @honosurf. Apparently the censorship isn't complete. I expect this is being done via the same mechanism that was used to censor @fulltimegeek: the github irredeemables list.



You see his "comments" under his content on steempeak? Please verify as I can not.


I do not. Posts and comments are utterly eradicated. I noted the same dynamic occurred during the onset of @fulltimegeek's eradication from Steem. The last sign of @fulltimegeek's existence on Steem is occasionally upvotes from his bots are visible.

I predicted that censorship of @fulltimegeek was just the beginning, and @coininstant being eradicated in the same way is just confirmation. @berniesanders seems to be the focal point for banning. I am sanguine about the prospects for Steem to be honest. After HF21 drops, the end will come rapidly as the inflow of users stops completely, and all rewards flow to whales. I don't know if I should wait to be banned, or jump to the next target.

These bannings are the opposite of Steem's claimed raison d'etre: censorship resistance, and it's not difficult to predict the outcome at this point.