Something curious about Korean culture/Datos curiosos de la cultura coreana

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Have you ever asked about how Korean people celebrate some important days?Well,I'll tell you four new things about how they take into account to show love each others. The first day is related to Valentine's day,so this is very different as we celebrate it. This day women give to men gifts. The second day is on March 14th,and it is named 'White Day'. Men take the protagonism and they give candies,whitr chocolates and mashmellows. The third day is on April 14th. This day is named 'Black Dat' because single people celebrate on it and eat black noodles. The fourth day is on November 11th. Korean people celebrate one more the day of love and friendship. This is named ' Papero Days' and young people exchange the Cookies Papero.

Se han preguntado como las personas coreanas celebran fechas importantes? A continuaciòn mencionanrenos 4 curiosidades para celebrar a los enamorados. La primera es el 14 de febrero y este día las mujeres dan regalos a los hombres. La segunda fecha es el 14 de marzo donde los hombres toman el protagonismo. Este día es llamado "Día Blanco" . El 14 de abril celebran las personas solteras quienes se sientan a comer frijoles negros ( Jajangmyon). La ùltima fecha para celebrar el dìa del amor y la amistad es el 14 de noviembre, por lo cual es llamado "Papero Days". En esta fecha los jòvenes intercambian galletitas papero.bdbdf12b1f3f0b468cf9e6fe075c71cc.jpg

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