✅Cerviero: Revolutionising the cultivation and irrigation system through unique hydroponic technology integrated with blockchain✅

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The farming sector is one big global sector that cannot be underrated for any reason, the reason being that it is the major source of food production for the masses and just as we all know that food is one of the basic necessities that human can’t do without, then it is mandatory that more than enough efforts should be put to improve food production sector in all economies.

However, there are some world regions that are almost completely deserted, this means that the conventional farming practices will become very difficult in regions like this, and as such, they need to depend greatly on food importation. An example of regions like this is the United Arab Emirates.

To make matter worse, the population of this region increases at the rate of 3% per year and experts have also said that the food consumption in this region will reach 10.3 million tons by the year 2030. Before it gets to the stage at which food consumption will almost become impossible, shouldn’t we rather get a lasting solution to this challenge?

But before solution will be provided to any problem, there should be deep understanding of the etiology of the problem isn’t it? So what major factors are responsible for these problems in the UAE region? They are mainly; the non-fertility of the land, the hostility of the climate to cultivation and lastly the shortage of water.

Introducing the Solution; Cerviero

Cerviero is a blockchain based platform that is using the hydroponic technology to bring lasting solution to the challenge of increased food consumption demand. You might want to ask what Hydroponics is all about; quickly I will like to introduce you to the technology.

Hydroponics is a distinctive method of cultivation in which plants are grown using nutrient solutions of the minerals that are dissolved in water without necessary using soil (the soil being replaced by an inert substrate). This technology is the best solution that suits the climate of UAE and has the needed potentials to thrive well in the market.

The modus Operandi

Whenever plants are being produced in the nursery, they are being transplanted on inert substances which is placed at 60cm above the ground level, this is then anchored to the aerial structure of the greenhouse and is then irrigated with nutritive solution that is composed of mainly of water and inorganic compounds which will serve mainly to provide all essential minerals to the plant.

The fertilization of carbondioxide which when combined with oxygen and nitrogen in the air accelerates to multiply photosynthesis which will allow for continuous photosynthesis throughout the year.
This technology is far better than the conventional farming system because despite reducing the amount of water needed by 90% as opposed conventional farming, it also has 500% more productivity than earth cultures and also 50% increase in growth time. It requires 40% less work, 100% organic fertilizers, 30%less energy and also constant and controlled yearly production, isn’t that awesome?

The needed fund for the initiation of the platform shall be gotten through token sale in which the platform’s native token shall be distributed to the participants.

Token and Crowdsale Details

Token symbol: AQUA
Token Type: ERC-20 based Utility token
Total supply: 100,000,000
Initial Price: $0.21
Accepted currency: Eth, BTC and USDT
Hardcap: $22,000,000

The major usecase of the token on the platform is for making payments in which there’ll be a 10% discount for transactions made using the AQUA token.


Aren’t you amazed at the way this platform is transforming food production with an innovative technology also with the integration of blockchain technology? This makes the supply chain more transparent to a whole new level, hence improving food safety. Also this application of blockchain to food production makes it easy for consumers to validate the quality of the food being consumed as opposed the manipulations being done in the conventional food chain. This is surely a project you don’t want to miss!

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