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Totally unrelated to chainBB, what is happening to It seems to lag days behind current status. And I found it to be a valuable tool to see exactly what's going on. Not so much now.

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Yeah, it's about a day and a half behind right now, and the only thing I could do to potentially speed it up is buy another 128gb RAM server and dedicate that to indexing steemdb. The network's been so busy over the last couple weeks it's fallen behind. It's still processing, just slloooowwwwly.

Not going to work on it today, but I've been trying to think about how to fix it.


So it's a matter of handling the traffic. It is the most useful tool, I miss it.


Yep. This recent surge in traffic has overwhelmed me a little heh, running too many services that are all demanding upgrades at the same time.