I will give away 0.53 Steem Dollars just for resteeming, upvoting and commenting

5년 전

Hey guys i have been on steemit a few months but never earned much money.
I have $0.53 in my balance. I will give it all away to 53 people: $0.01 for each person who upvotes resteems and comments.

Giveaway (1)555 woooo.jpg

I will share proof of the money sent in my next post.

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I Upvoted,followed you and resteemed .

done .... if you follow me and upvote i'll follow you and continue the upvotes for your coming posts.


There is nothing to comment
Nothing to resteem
So don't bother to upvote

Upvoted, resteemed.

I don't understand the money parts of steemit yet. Why would you give away the only money that you earned so far? Does that mean that you are leaving? I am still new, and learning things in layers every day. Nice to meet you @macbaren


It's actually because i'm in a good mood today. Friday i quit smoking cigarettes after 28 years. My health is more important to me than money


Congratulations!! I was a Hypnotherapist and helped a lot of people quit smoking over the years. I quit in 1984. It is such an important change to make for yourself. Yippee @macbaren

Done.........now ur turn


Already sent :)

cool to have you here!

All done. Added a follow on you as well :)

Done follow me,and i do same

@macbaren I Upvoted,followed you and resteemed .

Welcome Friends "Blog For You"... We need Support All ... Up vote & Follow ➡️ I Will Do Same For You... Thank ..!!!!☺️@yash0108


I've followed you, follow me too, tq.. @cutsirri

Done fo' u .. Now

Done, let's see how this goes!

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Muchas gracias por la transacción!! Nos seguimos. Saludos! 💋

Done friend... Sweet life in your country

yahooo :) done

done now your turn...

pretty cool idea

Nice! Thank you.

I upvoted and followed you Pls give me those SBD

done :) hope its not too late lol


You just made it :).There are only 2 spots left now


yay thanks! feel free to enter my giveaway now :)



You're welcome

Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway. A new giveaway will start in a few hours

Done 53 i'm

‌‌‌अपकी वोट हमारे लिए महत्यपूर्ण है। जिसके लिए हम आपको धन्यवाद करते है। और वोट करते रहे।
Your vote is important to us. For which we thank you. And keep voting.

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