The Steemit Bot Issue: Why We All Need to Be Concerned

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The Steemit bot issue is more critical than you could ever imagine. Case in point you are probably scared to upvote this post, and with good reason. The worse thing is if you get down voted by bots @blacklist-a, or @steemcleaners. Personally I think @steemcleaners is a legit project keeping the Steemit community honest and maintaining it's integrity, but....

@Blacklist-a is a Complete Poisonous Scam That Can Single Handedly Sink Steemit

Maybe blacklist-a is like Poloniex and just needs to get it's shit together, or maybe it will secretly be the reason why Steemit falls to the machines, but as long as @freethink is free to think...


The problem with blacklist-a is if one of your posts gets downvoted by the account, your next 40 posts are also downvoted by the account you are essentially blacklisted from all auto bot upvotes and you can't get it off that list unless you pay 40 STEEM

Below is an exact, grammatically incorrect, quote from the blacklist-a website:

"There are one way to get off the blacklist once you are on it, and that is to change your behavior from evil to good over your next 40 posts. Once you have reached that number you must send 40 STEEM to the @blacklist account with "REVIEW" in the memo. Someone from our staff will then manually look at your blog within the next 24-48 hours and remove you from the list if your account now qualifies for it."

I have never personally had a post down voted by blacklist-a, but my boss did and I kind of feel bad about it because I recommended steemnit to him. I am a developer for black listed for using the wrong tag, even if you are a newb and don't quite understand what you are doing. Like this post was a good post but you can see it was put on an automatic bot black list for using an unrelated tag.

I don't know how powerful that algorithm is, but the payout immediately dropped from $8 in the first 30 minutes to what you see now.

The author removed the tags instantly upon receiving the alert, but it didn't matter, the damage was done.

SUMMARY: Organic favoritism where the community with the highest stake in @steemit naturally promote content about steemit, and EOS, and bitshares, whalshares, cryptos and of course anything in China or Africa where they want Steemit to be adopted and of course any celebrities that currently have a following...All that is cool. I am cool with that. The problem arises when you have a systematic process in place to block or reduce the community's exposure to content they might otherwise need but never get to see.

Otherwise, we are just all boxed in and subject to go whichever direction outside forces decide.

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This post is filled with so much valuable information and i believe that to get out of blacklist, In addition to changing from evil behavior to good in your next 40posts, you should also avoid people that have or show bad or spammy behaviors. A very nice post. Good work.

Isn't this more or less like the groups that pound reddit posts into oblivion? This kind of thing could also be deemed a soft kind of crypto-extortion.

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Very nice

Yes, I think bots will be the end of Steemit, and we really have a useless set of devs whom I think, have already abandoned the ship.

i totally agree that bots might end steemit and people left yet because of the long account activation process and downvotes and all of that, but i'm also sure that the next solultion or new platform is around the corner learning from steemits errors. Who knows, we steemit users might shift or create our own platform, better then this and improving all of the new features just brought to the cryptospace in a wise way..

A censorship bot combined with a blackmail demand. Methinks this is a scam to put the squeeze on people, and someone at steemit should step up and do something about it.

Ok... being overly paranoid with the symbol of steemit and stuff is getting a little overboard in my point of view.
But I always believe, as a believer myself, this scripture.

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

In Genesis 50:20

Whatever this bot is doing, as long as we are writing originally and not copying resources from everywhere else (like most people do here, infringing works from other places and made it as their own) we will keep posting and moving forward without fear.

If such a small thing will rattle our souls, then what's going to happen when the real over powering illuminati starts to sip in? Like it always does in literally almost everything?

Look at BTC. Even central bank organisations are looking into BTC technology and grasping decentralised banking. What makes you think that every fall of BTC they are not getting a hold of it? Right?

I would encourage you and your boss, and stop feeling guilty, to look into the materials that is being posted at your boss' steemit account. If he is posting on his behalf, do make reference of the source of the material.

Bots like cheetah will detect it but if it owned by the same person (same company) it still makes it somewhat original, because it's written by the same person.

I hope you understand that I am not making this issue light, but I want to encourage you to cast out that fear and self-condemning mindset in you and step out in boldness and creativity to counter this challenge that pretty much everyone here might encounter one day or another.

Take care.


God is good all the time, but bots aren't.


Bots are created and controlled by humans. So as long as the person's spirit in his / her heart is not right, it is the same with the bot.

I am almost sure that you can reply to your steemcleaners ding and ask them to come look. Then they will see you made an honest mistake. Check their posts to see if that option is listed. Good luck.

i agree with it

Cool! I follow you.

I took a look at some of the voting history on blacklist-a .. from what I'm seeing, it follows steemcleaners downvotes. Generally, steemcleaners starts downvoting repeat offenders.

In each of the ones I checked, they were being downvoted for copy/paste plagiarism. If I had the steempower I'd be adding my downvote for that.