30-day challenge Day-2

2개월 전

Hi guys,

Today is the second day of my 30-day writing challenge proposed by my wife :) I need to cultivate my writing skills because I almost forgot these skills during my work life. You know, working life is so busy that you do not have time to write essays, academic writings and etc.

Yesterday, I told you about my course on Coursera. Investment Management by Geneva University. Today, I had a quiz for Week 1. At first try, I took 70% grade but unfortunately passing grade was 80%. So after 8 hours, I tried the second time. Finally, I took 90% and passed the quiz.

To summarize Week-1, I learned Investment Management in a Nutshell in Lesson 1. This lecture was the introduction to Financial Markets. For example, some common mistakes you will no longer make after this course.

Lesson 2 was about Fundamentals. It had 3 Lectures and 2 Reading articles. These lectures are "The role of financial markets, Basic concepts in finance, and real-life experience of what we have learned from our clients by UBS guest lecture. Reading articles are "Investment Fundamentals Guide" created by UK branch of Vanguard Group and "What is Portfolio Management" created by Aswath Damodaran.

I do not finish these readings not yet. Tomorrow I will talk about these articles.

I hope, quarantine days will finish soon so we can fly abroad and start to work.

See you guys,


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