Challenge: Put my software in a vending machine and accept STEEM/SBD for products!

3년 전

The updated code for me, booster - can be found over at Github, and I have prizes and stuff for those who hack something together and make a how to video where my software is used!

As some of you know, I do advanced stuff - but I can do so much more in the world if copies of my software was altered and installed around the world inside vending machines were steemians can access soda, beer, lumps of cash, chicken dinner... whatever your vending machine sell, can be paid for in 3 seconds.

Battle Tested Software you can build on top of!

Developers, developers, developers, developers... This is a call to industry grade this bundle and make the onboarding process in the vending hardware market so easy and slick as possible.


Paying with Bitcoin is great, if you are a kiosk with a few customers who like to spend a long time talking about the weather while waiting for the payment to go through. With STEEM we are 10 times faster than VISA/MC and that makes us able to compete against everyone.

Almost a MILLION accounts - Get in on it!

Unlike everyone else, STEEM have users, lots and lots of users - and as these users are growing in numbers, these users will be extremely valuable to serve at airports, hotels, big malls, big meeting points. And you can become a profitable business or enable others to become profitable businesses around the world as we are all co-owners of STEEM, we have this in common that we already have been established international with all what that holds in value as we grow.

We grow faster and faster - Can you keep up with it?

The code I run on is here: - Show us what you can do with it in the real world!
You will win: bragging rights, 3 upvotes + 300 SBD and we will show you off to all our friends!

To stay in touch, follow @booster, @fyrstikken, @inertia on STEEM and on Discord, the battleground of communication were we talk and look into all kinds of STEEM related development.

Thank you for joining, We will upvote this post in a few hours to allow you to get some nice curation rewards!

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When is the deadline?

Reat assured @booster my team @accra and @yensesa will atrempt to win your prize.

Wow amazing...
Thank for sharing..

How it could be? I send to a booster 40 SBD. And I got upvote only 35$! That,s real mockery!!!

This is a very amazing post. I see that Steem/SBD can be used for any payment in general.
Steem/SBD are fast and cost less,, and this makes them Better than a lot of Fiat payment options and better the the majority of the other cryptocurrencies as well. We just need some serious Developers and Famous Marketers to get in this project road and we will really see a lot of amazing staff ahead.

Upvoted and resteemed done

Very valuable info and and a nice post

@booster, nice do it!
(also I accidentally double sent 1 sbd for a post, can I get it back? Or is it bye gone? Don't really care my mistake, but it won't hurt to ask).

Booster yess., i like your post

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thanks for sharing..
i like it...

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this great post booster...

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This is pretty cool! I'll be looking forward to see what people come up with. A STEEM/SBD vending machine would be awesome :) Keep up the good work booster team!

steem and is really growing fast faster than I expected. With huge number of new accounts and investments being made daily for this platform, we'll surely hit the moon in less than 10 years.

very good post,@booster

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its a valuable info.
i appreciate you...

Hi friend boster.
How are you?

your amazing post sir,(booster)

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Very good vosting @booster

Great idea! Resteemed.

We already have an embryonic Steemconony: I'm waiting on a wallet I bought with SBD. If the vending-machine outfitting works, it'll keep on growing!

Wow this is totally rad. Excited for the future of steem! Keep up the good work!

Very good topic friend greetings from venezuela I follow and vote

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Thank information

Thanks for your informations @booster. 👍

Now all I need to do is perfect my burrito making vending machine that takes STEEM to put Chipotle out of business! Can you help me turn STEEM into some empowerment for the less fortunate?

it looks attractive download to see what can be done, excellent post continue like this and I hope this project reaches great things

So useful for me
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like it so much..

i sent 0.500 SBD to you @booster, but i did not received the refund... What must i do hah?

This is the link

Great post and congratulats fo u @booster

I want to buy everything with my steem or SBD that will be possible when more and more people know the platforms based in this amazing blockchain. Regards

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a very good idea, amazing! I am ready to join here, may steem grow bigger in the future.

How it could be? I send to a booster 40 SBD. And I got upvote only 35$! That,s real mockery!!!