50 Words Challenge. Prompt: Soul

9개월 전

He fired the shots again, thrice this time, to make sure the man remained still, he unsheathed a large knife strapped to his arm and cut out two large chunks from his friend's thighs. Blood was now obvious everywhere and he had to clean up before dawn.
A beast's meat was usually gratifying when he was still a conscious hunter, but after what he tasted yesterday he now believes that "one man's meat should also be meat to another man".

Maybe he has lost his soul, but he seemed very okay.


@jayna, I tried very hard to truncate this narrative to just fifty words but I couldn't. I can only say I am sorry, maybe next time.

Please any image used here was gotten from pixabay. Thanks.

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This is a little too bloody and gory for me. Sorry. It might be of interest to others, though.

Regarding word count, the “challenge” part of the 50-word challenge is to write a story in 50 words. It takes some editing and tinkering to tighten the wording to get down to 50 words. That is also part of the challenge. So, in other words, to have a successful entry, you need to write a story in 50 words. Perhaps try again for next week.