What is in the cup? Guess and get 1 SBD guaranteed or more. Challenge for fun 😜

2년 전

Hello, friends. How about a small challenge?

If you are the first to guess what is in the cup, you will get :
1 SBD guaranteed or 50% of the SBD I receive.

Start: 12 December 2017
Finish: 19 December 2017

What is in the cup?

what is this?

Сonditions are very simple:

1) Upvote this post
2) Follow to me @lebekons
3) Your correct answer should be first.

A little hint:

There is not only one solution.

The results of the challenge will to sum up in a week


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If the correct answer will not be during the first 6 days, I'll give you a hint on the last day.
And you will have a second chance.

What is in the cup? Fruit :) That's got to be the right answer, lol


Maybe fruit ) maybe air


I guess both :) 50/50 ....oh damn, you say it's only one solution.


Is it dried apple jam?

If it is, don't give me the prize. There's a slight flaw in your game. :P


not bad, maybe it )


nice guess, but maybe ... )

borscht? Inmortal lebbbbb!


lol ahahahaha. beautiful answer @jonsnow1983.



Strawberries is very sweet.

Sweet quince??


not bad )


Jelly raspberry Strawberries?


Hello @peppe. I like your answer)

glazed ginger?


I love ginger)

maybe plumbs?


very nice )

Raspberries and apples?


Strange combination ) But...

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It may well be ) Thanks for SPL bro.


I see strawberry, maybe some chewed gum, and liquid. Definitely some sort of liquid. Perhaps steem as well?


Very curious assumption ) see later

Berry or raspberry


It's possible... or not? )

looks like cherries to me, and the thing near the far edge of the cup looks like walnuts or chewed up bubble gum.


A very interesting suggestion. Soon will be the answer.

Té de durazno?


En español no hablo, pero Google translater ayuda. Gracias por tu respuesta.

What was in the cup?