A Hot Mess :: 50 Word Short Story

2년 전

And lo, @jayna offers us a new prompt in her 50 Word Short Story Challenge.

This time around, we're offered the prompt of: chocolate


Finally. Evie’s mom put down the chocolate bar. Evie stared at it. It called, beckoning from the kitchen counter.

Mom wouldn’t mind if she had a bite. She stood on tiptoes, grabbing it.

Five bites later it was gone.

Her mother returned from the bathroom. “Hey, who took my Ex-Lax?”


The minor backstory: @therosepatch is having some poop-related problems with her young'un. And thus, this story offers one potential reason for that mess.

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Oh dear. That's not going to end well.

Haha. Radix malorum est cupiditas


That was a new expression for me. I had to look it up!


I fixed that expression from my grad school days when i had to read Chaucer. It precedes Chaucer, of course, but I memorized it from The Pardoner's Tale, of which we see echoes at the end of the Harry Potter saga, by the way.
That's about the only Latin I know :)


I had to go look it up as well. Latin always makes someone sound very wise and learned :)


Haha. I guess. Speaking spanish as a mother tongue helps understand Latin somehow. I think that proximity stops us from seriously pursuing its study with more rigor (the same goes for Portuguese and Italian). My ex-wife's best friends during the time we stayed in Athens, oh, were from Brazil and Mozambique. For 2 years they shared tons of hours each one speaking their language. It was so funny. Neither learned the other's language, they just understood one another.

Lol. Thanks for the laugh.

Ba-dum-tss. Nice one @negativer

Ahhh! I love the surprise ending of this story. (There's probably an unintended pun in that statement.) So clever. Thank you for that!!

Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3