Thanksgiving challenge Day 3

3년 전

Life goes by really fast and we tend to forget the important things.Today,as the 3rd day of this great challenge I will reveal another 3 things I am really grateful for.I dare to do the same and start now.


Mention 3 things you are thankful for. 

Either in a new post or as an add-on to a post.  1 post for every single day (7 days in total)

Nominate a friend everytime with each post. 

#1 I am really thankful for having food on the table everyday.

#2 I am extremely thanful for having the sweetest dog.Lauren has been with us for the last 2 years and she has complety changed our life for the better.

#3 I am really thankful for having a little green in front of my window. Unfortunately,I live in the 2nd less green European city so it's really good to see a few plants every morning beside my breakfast.

My nomination for today will be @andyblack

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I think I will nominate myself for this challenge. =D


Great. If I knew it,I would have nominated you as well :D

Your dog is a sweetheart!!! :))


She says she wants to become friends with yours :P


hahah Oh how cute! Phoebe agrees! :P


It's a done deal!

κουκλί το σκυλάκι..


ευχαριστω.ειναι οντως μοναδικη!