My ROI And How I Evaluated It

2년 전

The return on investment is subjective, it depends on what/how individual feel about amount of reward gotten from a particular action (investment), usually based on individual's definition of reward.


  • Since the last few days that I joined this challenge, I have gained a lot in terms of participation. I never knew that I can ever be this consistent again on Steemit, for the first time in 2019, I made minimum of a post, nonstop for 5 days. This for me, is a fantastic reward.

  • It may sound trivial, since middle of 2018, I stopped reading cryptocurrency related whitepapers, it all appeared to me like documented lies. Really, one of the best way to keep abreast of latest technical updates as far as blockchain is concerned is to read project whitepapers. The fact that this #challenge30days made me return to what I used to do and enjoy before, it feels like 10,000% ROI to me.

  • I am not active on Twitter, so there is no way I could have earned Snax reward for tweeting. This challenge allowed me to earn Snax social media reward by posting on Steemit. Without this challenge, even when my Snax account is bind with Snax, reward would have been zero. This is 7,500% ROI for me.

  • Beyond 1,000 Snax reward for this #challenge30days, I have been able to stay focused for some time. If we look at the current monetary value of Snax, one will be quick to conclude that it is not worth it. But that would be myopic. I have learned from other participants, I have discovered new steemians and I now believe that even if I don't win in a challenge, I can still be calm and enjoy the lessons. This discovery alone is 100,000% ROI.

I have gotten over 2,000 Snax in my wallet through this challenge, I will hodl it for a long time. Even if I sell it, the transaction history is there and permanently recorded on the blockchain, every Snax received through Snaxtopia wallet is a symbol of consistent, love and friendship.

My Snax wallet username is autofreak

For more information about this blockchain project visit:

Snax Whitepaper:

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