Questions That Got Me Thinking In This Challenge

2년 전

I will say that most difficult question is asking for possible listing price of SNax. It made me pull out everything, i.e. information at my disposal.

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Right from teen, I hate to guess the outcome of any event. Oh, maybe it is the reason why I really hate probability as a topic, in high school and college. It made Stat 102 look like a terrible course to me.

Really, I enjoyed other steemians' prediction.

It is a question that made me read SNax whitepaper for the first time. Before yesterday, everything I know about Snax is through your blog posts, project website and medium article.

If it was an easy question, I would not have used Snax explorer and begin to ask questions on discord channel. I learned!

If it were to be a coin with chart and price history, I could have used my knowledge of technical analysis to predict possible price movement. All participants had to depend on fundamental analysis, which made it harder.
I think part of the purposes of the challenge
are education, research and self awareness.

I joined this challenge so late, but I will write based on my experience in last 3 days of my participation.

The question about 2 movies that changed me looks so simple, but after thinking of all movies that I've seen, it was difficult to settle for just two. Like seriously, I shared the question with two of my friends, it made one of them look at his feet for some seconds.

When you've had the opportunity to taste sweetness of many women, it is hard to settle for one:)

I must say, this question actually unveiled other things we never thought of. In the future, if similar question is encountered, I will not have problem with giving straight answer.

My Snax wallet username is autofreak

For more information about this blockchain project visit:

Snax Whitepaper:

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