30 Days Writing Challenge, Day 5: What Are The Most Plausible dApps You See Developed On The SNAX Blockchain?

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What Are The Most Plausible dApps You See Developed On The SNAX Blockchain?

In case you don't know, dApps are decentralised application built on the blockchain. In this case, built on the Snax Overlay/Blockchain.

I do understand that the Snax is a fork of the EOS network and it is very likely to integrate what works on EOS to the Snax blockchain.

So the dApps I would like to see integrated on the Snax blockchain are in no particular order;

  • Gaming DApps: For whatever reasons, I do know that games are very important and useful to the youthful generation.
    We go through a lot already and we sometimes want to flex or relax our brain cells for working too much.
    What better way to do so than integrate a gaming platform on the Snax blockchain where users can play games on any of the social media connected networks integrated with Snax and get rewarded for doing so.

  • A Transaction DApp: I may not know how this works as I am not a developer, neither am I a programmer. But a transaction dapp where a user on Twitter for example can send money to another user on Twitter using the Snax overlay.

  • Betting/Staking DApp: One thing youths love is a way to 10X everything they have. So if a dapp is built where they can stake for example, their snax tokens for a higher reward, or stake (give out) their followers for a reward, it will be cool.

  • An Advertising DApp: We are in the age and stage where everyone wants to be seen, known, liked and trusted.Building a dapp to help users achieve this feat would be awesome. Snax can integrate a social advertising dapp where users can gain more followers or trust from the people they care about using the Snax overlay.

Again, I am not a programmer and this is just my submission to @dragosroua's daily 30 days daily challenge for the betterment of the Snax Blockchain.

My #Snax username is @julietisrael

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