My ChallengeDac Promotion Update

25일 전


The @challengedac App is trending daily and the community too is growing. Feels so good to know that the Team are making update the Dapp's features from time to time so as to ensure a wonderful User experience for it's users. The rate at which the Dapp gains users is increasing meaning people love what they have heard about it also admire what they can do with the App.

The Challenge is a Dapp which enables Users to Create and Fulfill Time-Sensitive Tasks that are Geo-Specific. This therefore means you can challenge a friend or friends to carry out a task and set a Crypto reward for them to unlock when they have reached a certain location to carry out the challenge(complete the task). The Challenge App is Steem and EOS based and is available for Android and iOS users.

As an Effective Promoter and CHL African Influencer, I am Proud to Promote this Revolutionary Dapp. Here is a Summary of all my ChallengeDac promotional posts and Tweets so far;)

I want to help others expecially Africans to start promoting CHL on Steem, Discord, Telegram and EOS. I will also help Africans get a free EOS accounts using Murmur, MyEoswallet app or Steem is like my second home, So I will keep sending CHLP to every Steemian who follow up my Steem and Twitter Bounties as more bounties are on the way.

Stay Tuned!

Download the ChallengeDac Dapp Here:)

For Android:
For iOS:

You can trade CHL on @newdex-io:
Or You can Trade CHLP via @steem-engine:

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