A Good Week In The Challenge Nation


Hey Challengers!

This week has been a great week in the Challenge World as the price of CHL Tokens had gone up 60% a day ago and to add to that, we have had close to 50 downloads on our app in the past few days. Our present task now is making sure to enforce awareness about the Challengeeos App and it's use case to Steemians and also to the world at large. Start sending challenges to friends and also receive challenge for crypto rewards when you download the Challengeeos App. It is more fun when you use our EOS based geo-specific and time sensitive mobile app which allows you to create and fulfill challenges. A player sends a challenge to another player asking the challenge receiver to go to a specific location and carry out a task or maybe turn up for a show, or visit the gym etc at a given time. The challenge receiver unlocks a crypto reward e.g EETH, SENSE, CHL or SAND tokens. These are the tokens being used to make payments on our app.

Challengeeos app has a local cryptocurrency called CHL available on Newdex, Okex and CoinGecko exchanges. We have also established our pegged asset CHLP available on @steem-engine market. Our App is available for both iOS and Android mobile.

Did you see this awesome challenges being made by our users? Check out this challenge where the first 100 North American bitcoin conference attendees will be rewarded with free ethereum.
And this...


Download the Challengeeos App to start sending challenges for Crypto Rewards here:)

For Android Users:
For IOS Users:

Buy CHL via @newdex-io:

Buy CHLP via @steem-engine:


Follow Challengeeos Official accounts:
Website: https://www.challengedapp.io
Telegram: https://t.me/Challenge_DAC
Instagram :https://www.instagram.com/challengedacdapp/
Subscribe to ChallengeDac YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnYWlP_UT6k5EIfuLSD3Spg
Discord: https://discord.gg/HHXFfV
Reddit account: https://www.reddit.com/r/ChallengeDac
Twitter: @ChallengeDac


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Cool...good news...
The show must go on.


Yea.. That's for certain!

I'm proud to know about this time sensitive and geo-specific Global blockchain social media app right on time. @sheriffakin


Thank you for the support you give...

Great project... I need to navigate through the platform by downloading the app. Thanks for the update.

To the moon

Hello @challengedac What is the name of this app?

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Challengeeos App on google playstore or Challenge and Fun for iOS Appstore! @mdaminulislam

Really it is a great project.

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I'm right here..