The younger brother went to the card with the star | The Jiaozuo Changsha City’s Beichen Intercontinental

2년 전

The fascinating Changsha has always been a city I dreamed of.

She is full of energy and has a lot of conversations;

She has a long history, great people stop, so Chudu City;

She is a beautiful mountain, Yuelu The beauty of the mountains is infinite, and the Xiangjiang River is enchanting.

As the most gimmick in Central China, the daily airport train station has a star city surrounded by thousands of tourists. Can you miss it?

By the opportunity of business trip, I came to the bank of Xiangjiang River and chose the Intercontinental brand that has always given me a good memory.

The Xiangjiang River cruise round-trip ticket was given to the booked room package (three halls and one hall - Orange Island head, including Orange Island battery ticket). Take a few minutes to walk from the hotel to the three halls and one hall. The three halls and one hall are the landmarks of Changsha. The third hall is Changsha City Library, Changsha City Museum, Changsha City Planning Hall, and the first hall is Changsha City Music Hall. It is called Changsha Binjiang Cultural Park. The planning hall and the library are free and free of charge. The museum is free but not free to visit. You need to go to the first floor of the landscape tower to swipe your ID card. It is closed on Mondays and is not open to the public.

There is a pier next to the three halls, which can take us to visit the Xiangjiang River and visit the Orange Island to see our grandfather Mao when he was young. statue.

The old scale shop in Taiping Street, the craftsmanship of the master is ancestral, leaving us with precious treasures.

Intercontinental Protocol Mr. Xin Jing took me to visit Taiping Street in Changsha and also visited the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage in Changsha. The process flow of the humanity Zhifei old man making scales. I can’t help feeling in my heart. It’s good to have an intercontinental concierge to accompany you. It always allows you to perceive a city from the culture, life, and market.

Xiang Xiu Restaurant

The hotel executive deputy chef, Hunan cuisine master Luo Lin, under the master of Hunan cuisine Wang Moquan master. After concentrating on Hunan cuisine for more than 20 years, he personally served for Premier Zhu Rongji. He was also invited by Hunan Satellite TV's "Happy Camp" to guide the famous movie star Yao Chen and Hunan Satellite TV's well-known host Du Haitao to create creative dishes on the spot. Master Luo Lin is good at researching and developing traditional classic Hunan cuisine, and combining modern tastes to develop red and innovative dishes. Master Luo's Mao's braised pork is a must, crystal clear and fat but not greasy, can be called classic; crayfish ball stinky tofu will represent Changsha traditional and modern stinky tofu and crayfish cross-border combination, the charm blends You have me, I have you, it is wonderful.

Use the meal for ten minutes and enjoy the piano master Bawei and the British Manchester symphony at the Changsha Concert Hall. Group music performances.

Intercontinental Executive Lounge

The Executive Lounge is located on the 27th floor of the hotel. After watching the show, I will sit up with my friends and chat here from the floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides. A glimpse of the night panorama of Changsha.

There is another thing that surprises me at this hotel, which is especially easy to "crash the stars". If you meet a star in the same elevator or restaurant, don't be surprised, this is normal.

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