Creating Characters That Rock!

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Hi all! Just had to post this great new online Character building tool at

I've been playing with this thing all day and having a blast. The site allows people to customize characters using their 3D assets like a video game, then buy and have a 3D printed version of their character sent to them in the mail to use in table top games or for fun. The site's interface is fast, easy, and ingenious! Just for personal use, but I've had the greatest time with this little Web-App! I hope they add a paint option as well someday.... now that would be awesome!

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Have a great day!

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I have some friends who are obsessed with this too! I’ve not taken the time to play around with it, probably partly from the fear of how much time it would consume! I was a big fan of miniature war gaming some 20 years ago... so it’s right up my alley.


It's worth a look. I had a great time putting pieces together, posing and snapping pictures. Lots of fun if you just wanna waste some time and play around with it.


It seems in depth enough I bet lots of people just mock up character designs or imagery for other projects (comics or illustrations for rpg character bios, etc.) without ever ordering figurines!


Possible. I think they should offer both a painting option and a commercial use license and download OBJ function. Long as it was kept at a low cost, it would help with pirating but also allow creators to build and sell characters or use in productions and app games. Maybe allow other artists to add to their assets for a % of sales. Far as the mockup or overuse of taking images, they could be limited easily or offered as a monthly 5 bucks, make as many images as you want and use where ever. Especially if they added a card or bio building setup system for those wanting to pay for commercial license for their game development or a small monthly fee for the ability to use the system for comm or private use. This is a wicked and well done app, would love to see a lot more down the road.

i wanna design one too!!!! HAHAHAHA

but... um... i have no idea how to do what you do. LOL mine would come out looking like a piece of unformed clay LOL

I love that you're still posting so regularly and using that SBI!!! I knew I chose the right person to give it to hehehehe

and you never cease to amaze me how you fill your time with really creative things that continually build your talent!

ok - onto the next post!!! :)