One Meal a Day - Charity action

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Hello steemians,


One Meal a Day is a steemit charity action to struggle against famine.

Everyone in need of food can comment here and received our help to no longer starve.

The poorest might not have access to internet, if you desire to help on the ground and actively provide meal, simply post what you are doing here.

We should all contribute for a better world and insure the poorer to get at least the vital minimum:


Please be trustworthy, if you comment for personal greed and you are not deeply in need for food or vital healthcare, you are taking money from steemians who really need it to stay alive and you should be ashamed.

Doing that you are responsible for this world to keep going wrong.

We can take our responsabilities and act for a better world now.

Steemians if you need help from us, if you don't have a meal a day, simply comments on my daily ONE MEAL A DAY post and hopefully you will get upvotes from steemit community!

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Honestly, I have to commend what you are doing sir. This is generous of you and I pray that God will continue to bless you.

Let me make it clear that I'm not in need of food as I can feed myself but majority of people in need of food and other things in my environment cannot even access the internet and I'm doing this on there behave.

Personally I'm doing the little I can to help. As I'm helping some with their school fees and some others with clothing materials.
Even yesterday I joined a friend to celebrate her birthday at the FTC School for the blind in Abuja, Nigeria

Once again, thanks for bringing up this ONE MEAL A DAY campaign. We all need to show love by touching the life of the needy

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I will like you to help some students at the university of port harcourt from the federation of catholic medical and dental students who have no hostels to stay in and sleep outside and struggle to eat.. I will be writing a letter to you very soon..

I will like you to help a few understudies at the college of port harcourt from the organization of catholic restorative and dental understudies who have no lodgings to remain in and rest outside and battle to eat.. I will compose a letter to you soon.

This is what I did today, Atleast two people got a meal today, with your upvotes more will get I promise, I'LL do a post about it tomorrow



I'm writing this for my friend's mum who came down with goitre.
She needs money for her medications
I hope this post generates enough to help her outThyroidResPract_2014_11_1_22_124191_f6.jpg

I would love to appreciate @damarth for this gesture, if i can something from this i will use it to reach out to the poor in my environment


Thank you @damarth for this innovative idea, we are aware of the current situations of life and how hard it could be to even provide and own a one square meal a day...Am a student, currently in college and of course staying away from home could be pretty hard when you have alot of things to handle, ranging from feeding, clothing, textbooks and a whole lot, this innovation of ONE MEAL A DAY will go a long way in supporting alot of students out there as i also try to support in my own way, thank you for this opportunity and stay blessed..I will always remain a STEEMIAN

thats great and and sure we all should go on this path to provide meal one atleast one family and i think your upvotes rewards can do it if we all pledge to share it with atleast one family @damarth
and evey one will tell here how they use this reward and how they provide them meal
also i am working on it with my small struggle and provide the monthly foods a family who lives near from my house and they are only 3 kids and a mom and her husban died in road accident and not have any inssurance i try to help them as i can and provide them monthly foods

Thank you @damarth for this opportunity. The poorest among us might not have access to internet. I have dedicated all I'll be getting from this one meal a day to provide a meal for those who really needs it. I seven days time, I'll start commenting with the progress made so far. Thanks once again @damarth


Thank you @damarth i'm so proud to be one of your followers, I can't see anyone do what you did, you are good person I love you

We still have persons on this Earth
God bless you @damarth

I want to tell that I created new account on steemit for charity, we are a team 26 members we sent SBD to this account @scoopian for charity, you know we have some poor families live in mountains need cloths and woods because the weather so cold, you can check history of this account and you understand if you want to donate.



Thank you lordjames, very noble action, we need an army of helpfull steemians on the ground to distribute meal to the poorest.


I'm send to you little bit 0.5SBD for yoyr charity project...I'm realy know it is not enough...but I think this is start in big journey...
@damarth sir pls check your wallet and reply to me....



Wow !! What a instant donation, I appreciate you man

If you've been for a day without food
Then you will known what those kids on the street are passing through,
I have felt the pain and knows how it feel,
And always try my best with the little I have
If I do get the upvote then I can have more to give to the kids than the ones i do
Thanks to @damarth for this initiative
God bless

Thank you @damarth for this opportunity. you are the one who cares about the beginner steemit. You are known to many people on this platform. I have dedicated all I'll be getting from this one meal a day to provide a meal for those who really needs it.


I don't need food for now but would love to help those who will need it with the little Ican give . This initiative will help a lot of people who are in need.

Great job @damarth

Nice initiative sir, you have earned more respect from me and others. The poor that really need this opportunity are not here but they are around us...around me, I am from Nigeria where a large percentage of the population can't boast of a dollar a day to live, many kids roaming the street with empty bellies and tattered clothes and countless orphanages.

I can be a vehicle to achieve your noble desire of making the world a better by getting the help down to the people that really need it with pictures and videos that will be posted here on steemit.

I recently nominated you for this not knowing you got bigger plans.

once again...I salute you sir.

One meal a day

Viewing this is a great initiative and am really moved to be of help. I have this goal in mind in helping the needy, because there is an adage which says

whosoever we have the ability to help, we should help

There are lot of people here in my State that affording a meal in a day is very hard because of the economy situation. I will love to use this opportunity in been of help to them. With my little team here I would love to and keep bring the weekly report here as proof.

I pray my request is acceptable


Let me make it clear that I'm not doing this for myself but for the people around me particularly a woman that is sick. I've done what I can do for her and thank God she has been discharged from the hospital. The truth is that the woman even finds it difficult to feed herself. I'm trying best and I will love if you can also help me to do more.
@damarth we appreciate what you are doing. May God continue to bless you

As promised @damarth here’s an update to one meal day. They are the beneficiary.


To get to know them, here’s a link to my post: One Meal a Day


Thanks to you 😊
Keep sharing your awesomeness.

@dmarth, Absolutely nice innovative idea of #onemealaday. That's great opportunity giving to steemians. I told yesterday comment also. I helped desolate few peoples to meals on one day. But hope to wait keep going with every month this charity work. After its success I'll do every per week. All are doing only my steem profit.
I know poor peoples can't come to internet coz they haven't any internet access to login. But we can find who's needed meals and then we can arrange it.

@dmarath, I suggest you if you can organize some charity project here in steemit I think more peoples send some SBD or steem to your wallet for giving meals to desolate peoples.You want to monitoring person here. What do you think?

Oh my........ @damarth you're just exceptional. Thank you so much. Many of us do this to help make ends meet. Thanks to Steemit I've been independent for a few weeks and I plan to buy at least one meal for at least one person daily. We'll get better as the days go by.

Great work for charity, we are aware of the current situations of life and how hard it could be to even provide and own a one square meal a day...Am a student, currently in college and of course staying away from home could be pretty hard when you have alot of things to handle, ranging from feeding, clothing, textbooks and a whole lot, this innovation of ONE MEAL A DAY will go a long way in supporting alot of students out there as i also try to support in my own way, thank you for this opportunity and stay blessed.we need to change morality.

Everyone who needs food.Thank you @damarth for this opportunity. The poorest of us may not have access to the internet. I have dedicated all that I will get from this once-daily meal to provide food for those who really need it. I'm seven days, I'll start commenting with the progress that has been made so far. Thanks again @damarth

I got about over 10 people on the street of Choba I would love to provide food and maybe shelter daily, I am limited in what I've got, so I turn some in to my house to get food, but I really need help, so I can do much, will be posting my pictures soon in getting to them cos I have never taken pictures about it, didn't know someone may care, and I wasn't doing it to be known or heard, if I can get strength and help from you, I'll be glad, I really want to start a campaign on help so to expand the reach. steemit is truly blessing lives.

Thank you for continuing this project. Like @lordjames said the reality is that those very poor people that you intend to help might not have access to the internet.
I have decided that any money made on this comment will be used to feed those that don't have.65840059-DB0D-4C65-ACA1-1066D10CEC1FL0001.jpg
I can feed myself but it's painful when you know that there are someone out there that haven't eaten at all. Those pictures are the proof of what i am planning on doing for the orphanage homes in the little way i can. If i get support from people fine but still wont stop me anyways. Thank you for being you and helping the less privileged ones the best way you can.

i am not working like as some rich people and big charities but i glad to help my class fellow which is some poor and his parents cannot providing her every thing so i always try to give her every thing for her study and also pay her school fees from my pocket money and my dady always help me for this and give me some extra for her....
thanx @damarth sir for your always kindess with all poor persons and talk on thier problems
hope you

thank you @damarth for the kind help, GOD bless you with all success and reward you for this, we are helping them from a trust named as UMMAH WELFARE TRUSt i will take this one meal and will provide it to the poorest amongst us, yes of course if they can't manage a meal to feed themselves how they will have access to internet. thank you fro this opportunity

hello damarth . i have been following your post recently and i give you kudos. i am a socialworker and one of our aim is service to humanity. i will love to work with you in my previous post i made mention of some homeless children but the issue is they are not into internet because they find it hard to eat not to talk of using internet that is expensive. there are some researçh that i have carried out on older ones of them.i have met with quiet some number of them with my Non governmental org.members which we will only be giving them tokens.@damarth you can be of help too by making life meaningful for this children.

Thanks @damarth ,this project you started have been putting smiles on the faces of many.

You never can tell what one well prepared meal can do for a hungry child until you stay a day without food.

Thanks for your benevolence.
Me and my friends would see how we can make the benefit of this generosity bring more joy to the poor. Thanks once more for caring. Because not everyone does.f037aeaf558c05d818625c65bb6bde43.jpg
This is what this project have been making available for the hungry.
Hope you smile when you see it

I've decided long ago that whenever I go out.. I'd always give to the homeless and needy ones in my community no matter how little. And I implore everyone to always do the same also
May God continue to bless you @damarth.

I have been doing this for over a year now, it's difficult most times. Thanks @Damarth for this, I ll be able to do more now.

yes i think it will work if we will do this like as team from a single platfarm and every one register on this cahrity from all of countries and share thier own countries poor people problem and will put a budget to share all members in whole world which provide meall all poor persons
i am happy to help of my one friend who is injuried and his leg is damage still and not able to work from last 3 months and i am trying my well to give him and his family all things till he will fully fine
good work @damrath keep it up and bring awairness to all of other steemians to wor againt famine
i will be first member of your charity from my country

Thank you so much for this opportunity for people to feed well. When they feed well and have opportunities, things get better. By the Grace of God and of this platform, i can afford the meal and i intend to reach out to more to do this too, so help me God. It is good to be the reason why someone goes to bed happy and fed. I intend to take this upon myself in my area and will definitely back it up with pictures. Giving is not giving until we give to someone who might never be able to repay us. Thank you for channelling this course sir.

I am thankful even tho I am in paying big debts I can still eat decent meals. As of now I cant finance feeding the needy but in my own little ways I believe I can. At work my students need to travel 1 hour or more to reach school they wake up around 4 am and travel as early as 5 am for sure some of you are still asleep. I let my students eat meals that can be bought by their classmates it is just a cup of rice with shredded meat on top wrapped in banana leaf. I wont let them wait for recess time to eat cause in some point in my life I know how it feels to be hungry and deprived. If we can watch tv while eating I believe they can listen to my lessons while having thier breakfast. I am posting this cause I wanna tell people that in some time you dont need money to help. An act of kindness can help. Thank you for initiating one meal a day @damarth. More power.

really appreciated work you are doing for the poor..
i also wants to help the poor and will try to get a day meal for them..

Thanks @damrth

The poorest might not have access to internet, if you desire to help on the ground and actively provide meal, simply post what you are doing here.


Wallace D. Wattles said

The poor don't need charity; they need inspiration. Charity only sends them a loaf of bread to keep them alive in their wretchedness "

So money sould not be give to the poor or needly but the deserving. This is donot like that the help the poor get inspiration.

So I can do to the poor in #uganda when I get more that the little get I will help people arou. That is what I promot steem it in #uganda

Two colleagues of mine lost their jobs last month and feeding has become a big deal for her family, u will from this post make sure her family is fed daily, she has three kids and also is a widow.

@Damarth this isn't Just generosity, it's having the love of humanity in you.

Keep doing good

@damarth Am seeking for ur help on my neighbor behalf and I promise to give everything I generated here to them, u won't believe this photo bellow,


A set of five brother eat this for whole day...

hello sir @damarth there is something i love to share with you. where i live, there is a church named(HOLY CROSS) a catholic church where mothers and children lay beside the church begging strangers for a meal. am thinking you can assist me...and i will go there and give to the loving people what steemit has for them, and also stay with them for few hours, those that have access to internet i tell them about this wonderful platform.

Hi sir first thanks for your effort and your community to help poor.. i my self a student and work with leadership society where our madam made a small school for street poorest children. our metion is to provide good education instead of they selling things to earn consist of few member.. we provide 2 banna's 1 milk glass lunch and 50 rupe for pocket to every children on daily baises and we told them if you bring your friend and more children then we wll give you double(100 rupes).. on first day only two children come on the second 4 and so on.. now that time we have 50 to 60 student to provide better education food to make him well person for society..for this all setup our all member show humanity to collect charity for them from university friend from teacher etc..

i just shear the picture of street child who selling thing.. as i mention our community work for that to bring him on one plateform ,,

we all were equal.. and every one have right to live better life.. but unforunitly our government failed to provide them basic needs of its our responsibility to bring him up..i my self upvote you sir.. my rp is low but any how just from my heart for this children..thanks

Thank you @damarth for this opportunity. The person am written on his behalf doesn't have access to internet, but I promised to give him all I'll be getting from this one meal a day to provide help for him @damarth


Thank you for your kind gesture @damart i posted about a lady with swelled leg yesterday and you upvoted the comment. I told her about you and she was happy to receive such a great favour from you. I we were able to buy some of the drugs she need,but their are still some to get. It would be my greatest joy if she can be touched by you once more. Thanks and God bless... I will write about her testimony when she comes out of the condition.

Thanks @damarth for really bringing this idea to reality .. I will start off tommorow and report to everyone so we can all continue to make good use of this cause. This is a great encouragement and it is only those with wicked hearts that will want to use this for personal gains.

The only challenge faced now is the value of SBD has dropped so the returns won't be enough to affect as many as possible but even with that it is not bad to start small.

This is very nice. I stay in Australia which is a country with the problem of unfair distribution of wealth
Some are very rich
And some are very poor

I want to be part of distributing this help because I see it as very necessary.
Together we can make a change.
A meal a day is sure a good way to start.

this is my daily food

Each day I'm grateful for how far I've come, during my NYSC days some days I don't know where the next meal will come, sometimes my next door neighbor, I call her mom twins cause she had twins, will make me and my roommate a good meal and we will be very happy. I know the joy I felt having that at a time I didn't know where the next would come from. I would love to give back that Joy and on daily basis I try to do that, although I don't take pictures, @greenman also inspires me and sometimes I send 1steem to assist on the local vendors he assist. One meal a day to someone who doesn't know where his next meal would come from is a great blessing, I hope someday not to just give meal but provide means, as the saying goes give a man food he will be satisfied for a moment but give a man a means and he will be satisfied forever.

Very wonderful human work. You deserve everything wonderful in this world and the Hereafter. I wish all people were like you. You make a living in human life is a very wonderful thing. They continued
@Damarth this isn't Just generosity, it's having the love of humanity in you.

Keep doing good


@damarth your cause towards helping the poor is examplary, one I've never seen before on this blockchain, the fact that you're reaching out to the poor is such a feat, if some other people can follow in your footsteps I believe we can rid the world of poverty and needs.
Certainly you quote has gone a long way and I'm so thrilled for this.


Hopefully we will change forever, the battle only start today , we are good to go at war , steemit army will be the best to solve starvation.

everyone wants to help, you are very good, and your deeds are very noble, I will always support your good intentions, hopefully you always success in the program you make, thanks

all very need food, because for now very many are still starving.
they desperately need help from the rich.
I am very grateful to you @damarth, because you always help those who are in dire need of food.
We always have to help everyone who is still hungry.

The hungry poor are the ones we deserve to help.
because they desperately need help from the rich.
Thanks @damarth for helping people in desperate need.

in the presence of slime can help all people in economic terms in with radiation can make it easier for everyone to earn money, and Alan visa reach the spa In I go now Kwan, And semis sternly Will many always

with the existence of steemit, can advance all society both from economy aspect and others, hope steemit remain victorious always,

with steemit, can help everyone, and steemit is the ultimate solution that can help people, and steemit is the key of everyone, and thanks to the person who created the steemit, because they have helped people to fulfill

This is lovely, a really great way to help those starving. You're so kind!

Remember, if you need help, you can find one at the end of your arm.
When you grow up, you discover that you have two hands: to help others, to help others.
"Love is not patronage and charity is not about evil, it's about love. Charity and love are the same - with charity giving you love, so do not just mean but instead reach your hands. (Mother Teresa)


Putting smile on people's face is definitely One of the few things i love doing. Here is a picture of me and my charity group visiting the beggars.
We call ourselves "the smile campaign "

steemit provides a bright life for many people, especially for unemployment, with the steemit of society easily filling in the emptiness of its day, and can get a profit, thanks

well sir ur making extremely a fabilious showing with regards to by offering philanthropy to the required individuals ur truly helping the general public yet demonstrating ur great heart and one day a feast is a genuine activity ur doning for the welfare of individuals really we require individuals like u on the planet oto improve a place I adore ur work cause it will lessen the amount of individuals like me who hjave dreams however not reasources!

Your work here is amazing! Imagine blessing so many lives directly and indirectly... I pray I eventually have the capacity to do likewise in my Nigerian community. I am not without a meal a day but got at least 3 dependants who are. I try my best though but any assistance would be much appreciated as well. @damarth God bless and increase you beyond your wildest imagination.

Thank you @damarth for this opportunity great post all of your post was amazing carry on upvoted and resteemed

The poorest might not have access to internet, if you desire to help on the ground and actively provide meal, simply post what you are doing here.

Exactly, this was my thought the last time. The poor people might not actually have access to Internet connection so what we need are trust worthy mediators. Like you rightly said , we will create foot soldiers who will act to reach these poor people and feed them. I might have a busy schedule but I wouldn't mind carving out time out of no time to participate in this and be the brigldge between you and there poor people .thank you for this @damarth.

We should all contribute for a better world and insure the poorer to get at least the vital minimum:

This is exactly what steemit should be all about and you are helping buttress this. The one who sees in secrete will surely reward you.

Extremely great invitation and i am ready to take part in this because its first step to solve problem of pooverity from this word it is over responsibility and we can blam to UNO and FOA because we are responsible for this if we try to ourself we are coformed to remove pooverity from this worrd my voting power is not considerable but my heart is able to take part in this long chain because it is a great work from @dmarth some time needy people are not able to request for food because they care about your self respect so w need to observe these people and try to provide one meal a day

Thanks @damarth for giving us this opportunity again. Honestly,you are the most generous person I've met on steemit.

I'm not doing this for myself but for the people around me who cannot afford one meal a day. Many of them don't even know how to use the internet and the ones that can use the internet don't even have a device to access the internet.

Thanks for doing your best to end poverty and for championing this one meal a day campaign

Thank goodness I do not have a situation like that.Thank God I do not need these help. My only request from God is to get more helped to these people.

My reason for writing this comment. Thank you. A really important work. I want to help you in this. If there's something I can help you with, you're happy to do it. Thank you for launching such a project. I hope Steemit te creates an awareness about this project. Thank you @damarth

It's a great idea @damarth! Yes, it is unlikely that the poorest people have the Internet and the account in the crypto currency. I know such people and I can be an intermediary between them and you. Moreover, I already help them almost every day in my city. I think your work will give good results to good karma!

I am very grateful to get the extraordinary input from you. you are a very participating person against poverty and very supportive of people who petrified the less fortunate. success is always my friend I am very happy with you

Almost 870 million people in the world one in eight do not have access to enough food.
You are doing great work for humanity. God bless you

"When I feed the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist." thanks for sharing.
i am first comment for your post. i hopefully you choice my comment.
i am followed you and upvoted + resteemed your post.
stay blessed.

This is an amazing opportunity for the under priviledged to have a better life. Keep up the good work.

very usefull, i will try it. thank you

Thank you sir for this act of kindness and sprints for pauper people who don't have access. I recently give 5000 PKR to the school kids of 'Aangan' which is located in my own city Islamabad, Pakistan. These all are kids from the poor families and few of them ORPHAN. I just sent few pennies for School Bags and Books so that they can get education and LUNCH



@ikrahch, @JacobAWohl (2) If you did a simple Google search, you'd know that he was randomly assigned to the Flynn case (yup,…


I didn't get you. :o Why did you share this tweet with me? But as per this statement, you are right. Thanks for sharing :)


Hello Ikrahch, if you are willing to channel steemit upvote charity fund to children's, i will upvote you.


Yeah, sir I'm willing to do more charity in the end of this month almost 10,000 PKR (100 USD) even if you don't upvote me.I have soft corner for those kids who don't parents and don't have enough money to get education. I can understand the pain. I will always be there for them :)


hay sir my name is akash and i am from bahawalpur belonging to middle class family i am born charitical person everytime i want to do more and more and do more charity for the poor but as i mentiond i have a low finical background due to which i am not eleigebale of doing that i want to open an orgization for the pooe in future but in recent condition i just hardly manage my expenses. i am working in a medical store parrt time and after taht i came to steemit for some earining but i am not at level to donate something except my body parts!

its very good news for me @damarth i folloed your advice
thanks for helpfull post


I really want to appreciate you for this one meal a day post. I want to use this opportunity to help students in the southern part of Nigeria who have no food nor water to drink. I intend sending this token which I'll send a proof of later on. God bless you. I stand with A MEAL A DAY.

Thank you @damarth for this opportunity! God bless you

I really like this idea but some people are not trusted I will suggest that you take a picture with want you give out and with the people you give in a group picture, it must not necessarily be kids, there are poor age people also around us that can't afford a meal per day let's make it a sincere challenge #1mealAday

i beleive in huminity ! your idea is superb i really appriciate your work to help poor family arround the world ! those who help other win the heart of other are most lovest peolple. i will commenting and will provide to one day meal who really need and give to charity to help poor g=family to provide shelter , book , and make their life great!
i will provide proof of transmiting money to charity as i get from comment! love you damarth for helping poor reducing poverty really appriciate !
thanks you dear and best of luck!

steady again for the gift of ni ya help our unvod-we are still small

Thanks for your help @damarth, as very many people need, you can help through the internet with the steemit.
I really hope for you, do not ever orangutans people who need you.
The world knows, you are someone who is needed in steemit.
On this earth are now very much still lack of food, they do not know where to look.
Thank you for @damarth who has helped all the people of steemit users.
Because the internet is now a very good way to communicate with all countries, including with you @damarth.

nice post upvoted and resteemed

I totally agree with you and i appreciate you from my soul . The action you are going to take it's really needed and should honour each and every man in the society who have ability to help someone who are needy people . I think we should help everyone who needed us plainly speaking i want to say that not only poor but also like autism child and someone like this type we should help their . As a medical person i know this things well and i see it everyday how many people are suffering badly and how to lead their life. It's really pathetic cause lots of millionaire , billionaire are there in this society but such a lack of humanity that things badly needed their . Whatever they have it's now their cause Allah want it they will help needy people.

After seen your post such a pleasure comes to me that lastly i found somebody who are thinking about needy people's condition and trying to do something . I will try to do something for this type of people from my ability .

Thanks to you and the commenter . You did well man as usual. Seeking your response . Best wishes for you and also cordially love for you and your family. May Allah bless you . @damarth

your one meal a day project is a good initiative and is highly appreciated @darmath. The truth is dat majority of the worlds population are hungry . i wishe every big steemians would emulate yourr generousity

Thank you @damarth for this innovative idea, we are aware of the current situations of life and how hard it could be to even provide and own a one square meal a day...Am a student, currently in college and of course staying away from home could be pretty hard when you have alot of things to handle, ranging from feeding, clothing, textbooks and a whole lot, this innovation of ONE MEAL A DAY will go a long way in supporting alot of students out there as i also try to support in my own way, thank you for this opportunity and stay blessed..I will always remain a STEEMIAN.

Thank you @damarth for your post. We'll always be best to all.Thank you Thank so much

Sir, I want to be with you all the time. Good luck for you

This is very good and nice project.. I dnt knw here that is in such big need.. But mamy others ll be in need of it and many ll not tell you due to shy and can cheque @cryptopie.. He need money for treatment..god bless you for your efforts

Without love we can not be human.
I promise to feed everyone I come across the coming days if Steemit can support me do this. I have a group of folks who come around daily to beg for food, I can make them out of the street.

Thanks @Damarth

posting very-very extraordinary I very salute with you @damarth

Hello friends, what you are doing is something very generous on your part and God will reward you for such a wonderful gesture, they are people of great heart and what they do is very beautiful and I congratulate all those who support it, I agree with you we all deserve At least one meal worth a day, I will not ask for it, because thank God and steemit right now my family and I have something to eat at our table every day, but near my house there are many people who do not They have and I would like to help them through you, I am Venezuelan and for nobody is a secret the situation that my country is experiencing right now, here it has become almost impossible to eat well, the salary is half-eaten and in some families already they can not do that, it's painful to see so many children in the streets asking for food or at least giving them bread because they have not eaten anything in days, the absence of children in schools is remarkable because of this terrible situation ation, in the hospitals of my country every day people arrive faint and dehydrated for lack of food, near my house there are families who are going through a terrible situation of which I have proof of that and if you want I can send you photos, I would like you to help me to give them at least one happy day, where they can take some food to their homes, I would distribute it among the people most in need and then I would post a post to show the evidence of what was done With that money, I can take pictures at the time of delivery and show invoices of purchases made (this would do to verify that the money is not spent on other things), I hope your answers.

Thank you @damarth i'm so proud to be one of your followers, I can't see anyone do what you did, you are good person I love you

We still have persons on this Earth
God bless you @damarth

A great invitation and i am ready to take part in this because its first step to solve problem of pooverity from this word it is over responsibility and we can blam to UNO and FOA because we are responsible for this if we try to ourself we are coformed to remove pooverity from this worrd my voting power is not considerable but my heart is able to take part in this long chain because it is a great work from @dmarth some time needy people are not able to request for food because they care about your self respect so w need to observe these people and try to provide one meal a day

you really really good heart of my friend .. I am very happy with your behavior with other people .. hope you always in good health always friend yes .. and I am really happy to know you in this steemit friend ..

Although my upvoting power is not so good but i will Upvote every that ciomment which need one meal a day because its our responsibility to share with others to help them and providing them ateast one day a meal. as my voting power is not good but i will upvote each one whoz need is one meal for a day because i also want to see my name on that upvotes which needs one meal and i respect sir @ dmarth for this agressive and important step on steem community because it is not a small community Its very huge community and if every one from this community try to take part in this step hope we will be able to decrease the pooverity because its time to help other. and hope we will completly provide one meal a day to those people which are really needed I wish you all the best to sir @dmarth and every one that take part in this

this activity is very noble. very cloudy every charitable activity to do good to fellow human beings. I fully support it. hopefully executed smoothly.

well its good and i also help some persons with my team. i am a muslim and here in our city lahore we have a budget for all poor people which need meal and we provide them lunch every day in the ground of mosque and there are almost 30 or above from thirty persons in every lunch and sure we already try to increase it and want to do it in other cities
thanx @damarth sir for also your great thought hope we can finish these famine problems from our earth and make it like a heaven with our struggle agains famine

I'm relatively okay, but this is such a nice initiative you have here; keep up the good work, bro.

a very good post @damarth, I am very sure you are a very good person, I just joined in steemit. But no one wants to be friends with me. Because I do not yet have a great reputation, so no one wants to be friends with me. I am very sad, may you want to be my friend and give one vote for me. Thank you and I wish you more success

Given the internet network access may be able to help everyone in terms of economics can make it easier for everyone to earn money, can help by way of memeberi good ideas that are beneficial to everyone in need.

Indeed steemit can share .. Maybe @damarth will be an example for all of us who made that already successful in steemit .. Thank you friends

@damarth thanks for this initiative, i don't need this initiate because thankfully i can afford 3square meals, but i have a neighbour i assist frequently because she ia having difficulty in taking care of her 3kids,she does menial jobs but it isnt enough to manage herself and her kids,i would be grateful if you will be kind enough to upvote this comment so i can get them groceries and foodstuffs.thankyou!!

so as last week i told you how id donate my money to chidrens and porr womens here in pakistan peshawar i donate 20 parcent of money my steemit earning on the poor people and widos ... they love to see food i go to the place ever sunday with a gift of some money for them next time i will make sure to take some picture thanks sir for helping us keep the good working going

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This post is very useful to me..
maybe for others as well ...

post is very useful @damarth.saya always update with posting anda.saya really like

we strongly support the program that you run because the poor people should we help because if not a helping hand of a generous person to help our relatives who are less capable of who else?
continue the struggle o my brother.
I like it.

Thank you for @damarth for reminding us how important it is for us to help, and thank you for @steemit for bringing about change both economically and socially, and I also think that, Never think of being generous will reduce the amount of property we have collected laboriously. Remember that in this world we can not live alone because we will all need each other. Do not ever underestimate others because deficiency, because one day we will also need someone else to do something that our shortcomings. hopefully the future will be all the better, and success continues for all steemians. Continue to work and keep on pursuing your dreams.

Today for the first time in a long while I helped someone, thank you for opening my heart to the act of charity. Keep up the good work, you are setting a pace for us all

steemit provides a bright life for many people, especially for unemployment, with the steemit of society easily filling in the emptiness of its day, and can get a profit, thanks

The Christian Bible pontificates that those who give to the poor are giving to God. I am so impressed by your generosity @Damarth, j would love to know you more personally, am encouraged to do more for people because of you.

However the really poor ones May not be on Steemit, u have decided to set every thing gotten here for those truly without food.

More money sir.
God bless

I really like this idea they are alot of them in my country most of them doesn't have access to the internet I also have one with me in my university I am sure with this idea it will eradicate poverty and reduce theft and any other form of vices ..One meal a day.images (4).jpeg

This initiative is awesome, if there could be more of this initiative organised, we could all reach out to orphanages around us,I take part in visiting orphanages at least once a month,with initiatives like this I could frequent there weekly.

i would like to help beggars here is alot of needy who beg for its food who do not have any good food or good clothes for wearing in this winter season..
It's great step you have taken in every Country there is alot of poor people's who don't have peny for foods.
Hope we have some more people's on Steemit like you to help poor so no one will be more poor.
we all are with you keep doing like this u r doing great job i appreciate ur work. @damarth

Keep up the good work,God will reward you shortly. As u re sowing into the life of others, God will do so for u. I hope to do same with part of whatever i get from steemit

This is a great idea from a great mentor like you, reaching out to the poorest in our community will really put a smile on their face, and lt will greatly reduce hunger and starvation in our communities thumbs up👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 for this great initiative thank you very much @damarth

You have a beautiful heart @damarth
Everyday people struggle....
We can't even tell most times because they often cover that sad face with a lovely smile.
But yet is our duty as a human, friend and family to always try to reach through behind those fake smiles and turn the saddest into laughter.

Most times i fantasize about how much good I'll do when i get to make it in life!... But sadly my life is moving as fast as that of a tortoise. I know some day I'll be able to reach through just like you are doing right now!

But one good about life is.... Money isn't everything... Just show kindness and care. That will go a long way. :))

Thank you very much for this....
Happy Sunday

thanks for post

Just a hopefully post.
I like it man.

Thanks @damarth, have taken care of the poor and I am very happy to hear it, hopefully I can get sustenance in this steemit.

I am very supportive with this program. And if you allow me, I will contribute to this. For now I want to give the best in the world through steemit. Guide me when you allow me to contribute

thank you very much @damarth I really agree with the program you are proposing the poor really need the support of the more capable people, and the poor are very happy if we help him, indeed you are a very generous and extraordinary person.

The gesture from you yesterday was good.

On my way going out yesterday, i had to help an accident victim. I planned to write a post as regards that later.

That's an impromptu effect of helping, i don't want to believe sharing of food is the only help we can render. The society is in lack of a great deal, any help render to someone in pain or a needy is as much as feeding the fellow.

This is a good step to reduce the poverty. I will be happy if you will visit my steem. I live in a village and there are many peoples who are poor. Then we transfer our wealth to them by giving them food. But personally me. I am interested to provide them education for that I am going to raise fund also. I hope I will do something for them. The blockchain is one solution to reduce the poverty. EXAMPLE. If I will be successful to train 10 boys who can blog on steem. It means ten peoples to the new world. So this is my plan to educate them about technology.

I really like your goals right

I believe in what you do @Damarth, I have relatives that I can't really assist for now because I am still a student, but with our support, I'll feed them daily. Thank you for being human enough.

I love you

whenever i see that type of old and poor people then my first priority is to buy things from them because they are needy. Althougr they are old but they are still doing hard work. they are doing hard work just for food not for any other expense. some time i give them money without buying any thing because they are hard worker and they earn for your family and for yourself so i request to all steemians if you see that type of needy people then make prefer to buy things from these not from the big stores because it also a way of charity and one meal a day


I will fight and keep going, so I can feed the poor in my neighborhood who do not play on the internet, and thanks to @ ararth has been willing to help upvote also to those who need it.

This is a good initiative, a huge amount of people living under bridge in my area without shelter. Would be nice to feed them daily and also letting them know there is hope and someone cares about them. Food in the stomach goes a long way. They will appreciate this

@ damarth thank you for this great innitiation of helping the poor,i have experience what it means not to have at all to eat,and i could come out from it by Gods grace i have friends around me who come to my house to have a meal every day,and am not tired of giving in the little way i can.I hope to extend it outside to those out on the street who beg to eat. I will give you a great feed back at the end of 7 days if you help me to extend hands to the poor.My post about me life experience.

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it takes a lot from people like me who live under their own roof without any help from families, to have a complete and proper meal each day in addition to trying to keep up with my education, i had to do back breaking job just to ensure that i don't go to street begging , after reading everyone's comment, surely i can say that lots of persons will need this charity more than i do so for that i'm going to be giving 1sbd out in other to enhance this charity. Its hard to find generous persons like @damarth and i really acknowledge that a lot sir


I want to help unemployment in my village, I am sure with your help and because steemit unemployment rate in my village will decrease ONE MEAL A DAY @damarth

I want to help unemployment in my village, in my village is very much unemployed due to few jobs, I am sure with your help and because steemit unemployment rate in my village will decrease "ONE MEAL A DAY" @damarth

Gudmorning 2 u.One of us is in need.Pls i,ll appreci8 if u can giv 1 or #2000 to help out My acct:G O. Ojakovo.2088171669 zenith bank. Thanks IBC YOUTH PRESIDENT.

I'm a youth in my church Immanuel Baptist Church and i got this message from the president some days back. Coincidentally, you happen to be organizing this. Anyone would have second thoughts about that message - that its a scam. Thankfully i didn't delete the text message, here it is;

That's proof. I'm not sure if it's a meal or famine issue but I'm sure that someone needs help. This is why i am reaching out.
Thanks for your support!

thanks @damarth for reaching out to those in need, GOD bless you richly sir, some times with the little I have i normally share to some beggers in benin,I will be very Happy if this help is extended to my village at sabongidda ora of Edo state were children die of starvation because parents can't avoid just a meal per day.

thats a great support dear keep it up

Thanks a lot @damarth, I am very impressed with you, because Man is a creature created over millions of emotions and expressions. Among the millions of emotions and expressions, there is empathy in it. All humans have empathy to feel and share.

Yes, all, but few dare to show it. When you have dared to empathize, that is where you share your life to be a blessing to others. Empathy makes you real human. because we live also need help from others. I would also like to share even if it's a little help or as I can.

Success continues for you and for all of us. regards to all steemians.

It's so hard to see that I eat a complete meal a day then the other children don't. I saw many children in the Philippines who sleep and stay in the streets and begging for food because they are hungry. So heavy feelings that they begging for just a food. How about the education? the health ? or future?

On your post now and it's a very big help you can help another person, group, organizations or any foundation who help and provide this kind of activity.

Great to help the needy children and person. I don't want to call them as a poor as they are rich by heart and goodness.

I am not in need of food. But I love this initiative and will contribute my little 0.01 upvote to everyone who is in need of one here.
Thanks @damarth for this

I do not need food, but I know who needs help. I want to help and I can give your help to those who need it. Thank you for help.

Love this :) I've supported a few, albeit with my small upvote power!

a very useful post @damarth. I always update with your post. I really like

Once again, i appreciate how you inspire us. I shared my activities towards helping the needy. So today, i gave out food to those around me. Thanks for igniting my vision

This is a very nice initiative @damarth. I am glad that more people are getting into charity work. I used to work at Plan International, Inc., a child-centered development organization and I've witnessed how unfortunate it is to belong to the grassroots. Last week, I participated in the incentivized giving activity of @sharonomics and wrote a post entitled "It is in Giving that We Receive." I was able to extend help to the fire victims in Cebu City, Philippines through the SBD rewards and comment upvotes. For your noble initiative, I would like to participate in this ONE MEAL A DAY project. But instead of upvoting my comment, can you please give it directly to @hickorymack? I read her post entitled "The fall into Homelessness" and she badly needs help. Thank you for your generosity.

While there are good people with great deeds and intentions here there are also lots of people who comment here just to make their personal money out of it, which is stealing from the poor we can for once try and do what is right not faking everything, some people people even send some no value sbd to @damarth just to win upvote from him in the name of supporting it and then screenshot it and post it. Wow is this how low some persons can be. If you want to support there are always poor people around us no matter who you are. Someone close to you need help. You claim to have help and we can't see the evidence of it. Really people should think outside their selves for once

your post is very interesting, I like your post, because it can add insight for me, hopefully the future can provide better posts again, so that I can know many things in my life, thank you @damarth..😊

Wow this is wonderful, I can never forget the day you gave me an upvote, u changed day

i like to read..always..i learn many thing from your post ...
it gives me so much plesant so easily...
just love to read your post...
i have nothing to explain..
such a great shared.

Thank you so much. Im happy to share this to you my experienced. I’m poor person and I never ashamed to say that I always need food everyday. When I walked🚶 to the street, I saw many homeless people living in the street like mother caring her baby, and grandmother 👵 sleeping in the street and a father carolling. I can’t stop my self to asked. How can they eat and sleep? They said “we can eat our meals everyday by asking money people around. But not all the times we can eat our meal”. I realised that there’s a poorer person then me and that’s why I’m so happy that there are some people helping to give meal in a good way :’)6E642FD5-B49B-4B4B-89CF-7D907F324FE8.jpeg

In the mornings on the main street in peshawar
I used to have breakfast there when I was staying in a nearby hotel in 2014. Soa has a soft manner, open face and kind heart. I appreciated seeing a friendly face each morning when life could be lonely.

The other day, I was taking an early morning stroll and stopped their for tea, mainly to chat and introduce my baby son.

I asked her if she had children. She has 5, the youngest being 6 years old. When I asked her, laughing, if she’d stopped now or was going to have more she smiled but said quite firmly that she wouldn’t have more.

Then she stopped smiling and said “Life is hard”.

I asked her if she had a husband at home and she told me he had died 6 months ago. “So life is more hard now than before.”, I said. She nodded solemnly.

When I’d finished my tea I handed her “A present to help out a little.”

She smiled at first and then tears rolled down her face. She was too upset to speak but mumbled “God bless you” as she tried to compose herself before the next customer.

I don’t know the exact reason for the tears. Maybe they were from the actual benefit the money would bring, feeling that somebody was just taking an interest or just because life is really hard.

The money I gave won’t pay for her rent or school fees for the children or any medical bills that come up. I don’t know how people find such expenses with such tiny incomes.

Her story, of trying to make ends meet on her own with five children to support, isn’t unusual in the slightest. I live surrounded by people facing similar struggles, or worse, all the time.

But, for some reason, I couldn’t get her out of my head all day and night. The next day I took her a bag full of durable food products like oil, tins of tomato paste, toothpaste, condensed milk and some biscuits as a treat for the kids.

@darmarth, you are indeed a great leader that cares about the needy. I've been improving, learning greatly from you. Thanks for the one day meal. It's helping and outstanding. One of it's kind

This is a great idea. We should all be encouraged to make the world a better place for ourselves and generations to come. How can you verify that the people posting here actually have that need?

I can't come on steemit and lie that i don't have access to food and health care, it would be a great sin against my religion and morality. But just in case anyone still wants to "bless" me, click the up vote button for me😎

It a welcome development @damarth, I really needed this opportunity to help the little kids in my street begging everyday. I will be very happy if I am able to get them a meal each day. Thanks allot, I appreciate your good gestures for the poor in our societies.

thank you @damarth for votes

please a piece

thank you

Thanks @damarth for this opportunity, I pray God wil continue to bless you, I must tell the truth, am not referring to anybody, I am planing to go for my HND in polytechnic and I need someone assistance, don't know who it's going to be, it may be you and it may be someone else, I decide to share my thoughts when see this on ur blog, anything u render will highly appreciated.... thanks @damarth

Excellent initiative @damarth

I am very sensitive to the lack of students in the classrooms for not having the necessary resources for your snack (school breakfast), I am from Venezuela so you can imagine the magnitude of the problem of which I speak ... I assure that if you help me, I will take your donation from the hand of my daughter to the Kindergarten EEEI "Semillitas del Saber", infallible school that is in the town where I live, I assure you that I will take pictures to show you as evidences ....

Help me to give at least a decent breakfast to those little angels who need so much!!!

What we should pay attention to the poor is alms, by donating them food, clothing and places. We are in Indonesia also many poor people. But what is the economic power in Indonesia is very low. And even the rich will get richer and poorer the poorer. Therefore we want the developed countries to stabilize the contribution of food to the poor people. May this be an understanding for the rich.


@dayatsiaulia, Those eyes so comel!


You are right, @kirkins those who have so much wealth, forget the ones who do not eat even in a day

the presence of steemit in the world can help the lower classes, unless the person himself does not care about such things, sometimes they prefer to earn money that is not their right, thanks

Thanks to @damarth for this selfless initiative, am a student, and things get really hard for me in school, because I have to depend on my mum for feeding money, which she tries her possible best to do, but I have other siblings as well, and the weight of this is taking its toll on my mum, that why am trying my best in any way I can to get any other source of cash so as to augment the little money she (mum) gives me, I really need your help @damarth.

As I said yesterday my friend I always support what you make my friend, and I really agree with the program to help the poor because the person is very hopeful the size of our kit ..

You believe in steem. You believe in yourself. You believe in the users who use your app and the work you spent to build it. @damarth

This is not about money. It's about believing and helping people.
anyway its a beautifull moments for me
thanks for shareing usefull post sir @damarth

               RESTEEM POST

@damarth. this is one example of malnutrition in the district of Asmad Papua Province Indonesia.

hopefully, this case can be of concern to us all.


  ·  3년 전

Sungguh menarik apa yang kamu bilang diatas namun saya belum sukses untuk memberi sedikit makanan untuk yang lain

thanks for the information I really like it @damarth

your life motive is amazing, there are rarely anyone who stands firm like you might be one of a million people who stand up like you. just a real man who can be like that, I like people to stand up like you. @damarth

no matter what cuman hunger will vote great from sodara @ awarth

I have been doing this for over a year now, it's difficult most times. Thanks @Damarth for this, I ll be able to do more now.

if we are hungry do not ever be embarrassed to ask someone else, like me now really need money for everyday shopping, want to work do not know what to do, really nice post friends, for people who want to donate his property for people in need, thank you.

thanks for postingannya nice work i really like @damarth


this is your help to earthquake disaster in aceh.
hopefully you can also help those in need.
thank you for all of you, hope you guys can also help those in need just like what i am doing today.
thank for you # @damarth

Great job, thank you on behalf of everyone.
My one meal a day project is a little different. I feed the stray animal. I think people should care this issue too.

poverty is included in the circle of links that must be completed and eradicated. I am happy to follow you.

Being that i just lost my dad. I have no idea what life holds for me anymore. I just keep my hope and trust in God. I pray everyday thinking of how finance will come but i still thank God that there is steemit and there are people like you @damarth.
I haven't really been active due to the circumstance but i really wish i could bring my mind to the way i used to do write-ups. It's so painful!

This is very good and nice project.. I am not the one in need, but I do visit motherless baby's home to donate from the little I have, if you can to support this I will appreciate. thanks @damarth

@damarth The greatest success we'll know is helping others succeed and grow.

Sometimes life is like a TREE.
Not enough just to be a source of oxygen and coolness, but must be willing to cut, dried, and used as firewood for the need to survive for others.. @damarth you the best

Terimakasih atas nasihat kawan, saya mengikuti

Hello Friends, How Are You
Thank You Friend nice To Meet You
the Best And amazing.
Nice To Meet You, your post is very interesting, I like your post, because it can add insight for me, hopefully the future can provide better posts again, so that I can know many things in my life, thank you @damarth..😊😂

@damarth i need food and want me to eat .. !!!

I really want to eat delicious food today, hopefully to this wish to materialize today, thanks to @damarth who has made a post like this .. :)

this is my food this day, with simple cuisine, just white rice and tuna ... :)

food is the source of life @damarth everyone needs it to survive.


This is the food my neighbors had for the night. In Nigeria, a family of 8.

They inspired the writing of my recent post on poverty.


fish food is good for health because it contains many healthy proteins, I really like to eat fish .. :)

Thank you @damarth for this wonderful oppurtunity. Your generousity speaks volumes. Faith, Hope and Love Foundation for the less priviledged says a big thank you to you Sir @damarth

this is my favorite food. it feels uncomfortable if i do not eat.
have you ever tried this food?
chicken noodle soup sauce
Have a nice day to you

I am a trader. so my life is always in the food. because I am trading here


Hi friend..
Do you now pukoleumo.
Thet is my favorite food
I was shared on my post

this is my food .. @damarth


I'm a health worker in the place I work a lot of cases scabies even I myself now scabies because gara gara help them sometimes I can not do much because I just because aku petugas kesehatan di tempat aku bekerja banyak kasus scabies bahkan aku sendiri sekarang kenak scabies gara gara membantu mereka kadang aku gak bisa berbuat banyak karena aku hanya karena keterbatI'm a health worker in the place I work a lot of cases scabies even I myself now scabies gara gara gara gara help them sometimes I can not do much because I have limited funds

I'm a health worker who needs funding for counseling about scabies in my very bad village

Well since it is your dream to reach the unreached through your one meal per day initiative,i will do my very best to sort for those that are in need of this rare opportunity. Thank you for touching the life of the lady i posted about,her condition is now improving drastically.
I have sorted for another woman with arthritis,she was told in the hospital to use arthritiscare drugs for three non stopping month. I have given her the money for the first month,and she is still on it. But she will need more money to make up for the remaining two months. I am sure she would be happy as well if she can be helped by you.
I would have love to attach photo prove to this post,but i am currently far from her,but i will definitely do that in the morning. Thanks once more,


hospital to use arthritiscare drugs


I don't you sir or ma.

@damarth weldon for this great opportunity.
Am currently serving at Osun state Nigeria and one of my charity work which i intend doing is a visit to ABIYE ORPHANAGE HOME which is also a less privileged home.
I will like to seeek for your support sir. I will write a comprehensive report about this later and also includes some pictures.

  ·  3년 전

eat sometimes we do not expect more for a simple course

this is my favorite food everyday
cake martabak

I already commented to your post yesterday @damarth. I will keep you posted when I’m going to start the feeding to the homeless kids in my street.

Thank you for this opportunity to share one meal a day to the poorest.


As promised @damarth here’s an update to one meal day. They are the beneficiary.


To get to know them, here’s a link to my post: One Meal a Day

my favorite cuisine
Royal Cooking shrimp

  1. Wash the shrimp clean. do not forget to throw shrimp
  2. Stir fry ingredients until the odor rises
  3. Enter the lemongrass tap
  4. Adding shrimp. Chaotic & off
  5. Enter the concentrated coconut milk + turmeric powder + acid puck +
  6. Feel with salt + sugar + pack aji if you like
    7.cook not long very lost the taste of fresh shrimp@damarth

I've decided long ago that whenever I go out.. I'd always give to the homeless and needy ones in my community no matter how little. And I implore everyone to always do the same also
May God continue to bless you @damarth.

@damarth In my opinion, I think people on steemit do have access to basic needs like food and health care that's why they can afford the internet. Except they'll use the money they get to truly help people out there. Anyway, it's a good idea.

Woow amazing opportunaity. This is great news. Thnks for this opportunity. And also thnak you too for shear this important news.


We at air-clinic really do appreciate this, we carry out similar charity programmes, although our main focus is on health.
We love your initiative would love to work with you.
I would require you permission to chat you up privately for details or you can check us out at @air-clinic

I will like you to support our fondation @crown of glory foundation. It's all about giving to the needy especially the orphanage. Crown of glory foundation 20180205_102831.jpg

It's really a good thing to do charity to the helpless ones, those who are less priveledge...
We are aware of the current situation going on in Nigeria, how hard is it to get money but all the same this innovation of ONE MEAL A DAY will go a long way to help the needy.
We have places in Lagos state and Ogun states where we have orphanage homes and other places where this charity could help alot of life's.
I pray that God will continue to support these great platform........

I love what you do sir...helping others help their community...have a bless day

This is really generous damarth! I know for sure a lot of poor people will benefit from this action and I am inspired to do the same as my country is not poor, there are always people who not profit from the welfare in a country! I will send you the steem dollars I have, unfortunately it is not much but I hope it can still contribute to a better beautiful world!


you are amazing dear

happy world hunger day..:) @damarth

What a heartfelt and motivational charity upvoted!
This is a fine way to emulate, as soon as I have the privilege to do just so.

I was invited more than 10 times in the previous week from my pals to see and read what you are doing, but I was too hectic around other things I guess. This is great. I truly like it.More over I featured your effort with my group.
Whoever need a supportive Discord community and tutorials how to work can join Die Hard, link is in an every of my posts, me and my whole team are specialized in tutoring newbies and supporting them though out their first steps, writing and crypto wise.

Thank you Damarth, Namaste!

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Very touching what you say. I agree with your post.

Radiating the spirit of generosity should be done at every given opportunity. Up-voting this to show my support.

You're one of a kind friend thanks for the good job

well really great work and i really appriciate you for your great efforts and struggle against the famine @damarth and i really respect you and your great mission ,,,
but problem is that here i think in steemit no one who need food because i realized every person who success to the internet have food other wise the food needy person are live in out of internet world so we try to reach food to those persons or maybe rewards will get from you+from our own earnings share with them whihc are really needy and live in painic ....and i also have a small charity box and put moeny in this box of my 10 percent payouts and after ever month open it and share with all them who are really needy person for meal or anyother pain
so we all should think on it how we provide all poors meal and need some other things for finish thier pain


I hope 100% of charity payouts go to the needy.


hey sir i am starting a new campain in my village next week so if you could help us in that we are gattering poor kids and women there and we have a plan to give them enought meal .. people in my village are poor most of them dont have any income source so the mother go to other people houses and work for them in order to pay back i am starting this in bajaour you can search this on google that is my village name ... hope you read thanks

Congratulations @damarth!
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You are a very kind man @damarth.
The world would be a better if there are more selfless people like you.
I grew up on the streets and now I've vowed to help and support homeless and hungry children to my best capacity. That's why I joined steemit, to raise funds to help the hungry and helpless.
Thanks again @damarth

Honestly I'm very perplexed with the way you're showing love and care for this awesome community, I strongly believe your effort and commitment towards this platform won't be in vain. Thanks again

Thank you legend @damarth

Good post.thanks for sharing,

Great work steemit charity action .... its so amazing ....................


thanks @DAMARTD

how to I donate some steem for poor people??? upvote and resteem

Wow. Surely there are still good people. Nice meeting you. I am inspired. I'll donate this as part of the donations to the people in rural areas in our next rural visit 20170713_122528.jpg this month

I hope to post more often. It will really help my reputation, I know this is not a big deal. And I still respect you sir.

From my observations, steemit is no longer against upvoting. $150

@damarth i don't think that its only about one day meal for human..Birds need food too.Even birds can't speak but they need food.They make nature beautiful.We should think of these birds too :)Every morning my mother prepares a food for birds and i used to sit in my courtyard and see them how happily these birds are enjoying food.
And yes you are doing a great job.God will you a reward for this.But i think all human being should take care of their poor fellows :)

Thanks @damarth, I have seen your upvotes and encouragement to the #onemealaday, thank you so much, many will get meals that can't afford it, I couldn't do much yesterday, I only was able to give a tip to a guy I saw sitting in an incomplete building, I walked up to him and asked him questions, he finally confessed that he hadn't eaten, I wasn't with much but I gave him a tip to go buy food which he did, am working on a major project of sending this boy whose picture is below back to school, please I plea for your support, his name is peter, he said he didn't need food, that he wants to go back to school

@damarth is actually doing the right thing and i pray that may God reward you in the bid to improve people's life.


yeah, that is me in blue with my room mates. It is obvious we are really suffering here due to lack of poor welfare and this subsequently leads to a very poor state of mind. I wish someone could help us get out of this!!!
As a student, this is not conducive!


If you know that finding food is difficult, I also feel the same in finding a job that is so difficult to accept in large companies.
Then you will know what our parents have done
I feel the pain and know how she feels,
And always try the best with that I think
If I get an upvote then I can have more to give to the same fate with me than I do
Thanks to @damarth for this initiative

great contest,,thanks for sharing @damarth

3.Thanks for your valuable and informative post.
We can gather a lot of information by your post.
By dint of we can increase our skill that is beneficial for all steemians.
I will always visit your site & wait for your upcoming post.Thanks .
@Resteem done.

hahahah i am hungry. hahahah. actually shy but because for a bite of rice what can make hahahah. I am in steemit not looking for wealth but I want to meet in steemit with people overseas and hang out with him. so my insights are better than usual .. thanks @damarth has shared

that is extraordinary and beyond any doubt we as a whole ought to go on this way to give supper one atleast one family and I think your upvotes prizes can do it on the off chance that we as a whole promise to impart it to atleast one family @damarth

what's more, evey one will tell here how they utilize this reward and how they give them feast

additionally I am taking a shot at it with my little battle and give the month to month nourishments a family who lives close from my home and they are just 3 kids and a mother and her husban kicked the bucket in street mischance and not have any inssurance I attempt to enable them as I to can and give them month to month sustenances