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Those of us who live on Florida's east coast were so blessed to have missed the fury of Hurricane Dorian. While we were busy making preparations, and hemming and hawing about whether to evacuate or not, a Cat 5 (category 5) hurricane, the likes of which they had never before encountered, was slamming into and utterly destroying The Bahamas. We dodged the bullet, but The Bahamas did not.

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Our hurricane season is between Jun 1 and November 30, with September being the main peak season followed by another smaller peak in October. So, for those of you who vacation in Florida, be prepared to have to change your plans anytime during that period, or even anytime during a few weeks either side of those months too. If you are planning on vacationing in Orlando, remember that theme parks may be closed if a storm is threatening or already there. But never fear, we have a saying here in Florida, “Hide from the wind, but run from the water.

Orlando is about 80 miles inland with zero threat of storm surge – the main killer in hurricanes! Evacuation orders are given to coastal communities at risk of storm surge. But this time, before the track was properly forecast with all the computer models agreeing, one track was threatening a CAT 5 to slam into south Florida and to bring a CAT 3 to Orlando!

It didn't take long for the plea to go out for us to help our neighbors in The Bahamas. Here in Florida, because we know how blessed we were to have dodged Dorian's fury, we feel a real kinship with the people of The Bahamas. We all had our hurricane supply boxes that we didn't need any more this time, so it was only natural to think about donating what we had. After all, have the luxury of going to the store, or purchasing all those items again on Amazon.com in readiness for the next hurricane! The people in The Bahamas don't! THEY HAVE NOTHING! No food! No water! No dry clothing or shoes! No toilet paper! No toothbrushes or toothpaste! No baby milk, diapers or food! No flashlights or batteries! No medicine or bug spray! No blankets! No towels! NOTHING!

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Last Friday afternoon I set off with two filled plastic totes of items to donate for The Bahamas Hurricane Relief organized by a local real estate developer Jim (Jimbo) Stockton, through his mission “Adventures In Gods Creation” in co-ordination with “Island Crisis Flyers,” a subsidiary of the mission with a team of experienced volunteer pilots and planes bringing the food and supplies to wherever they are needed. Follow him on Facebook here to see updates on the relief efforts.

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A local Ponte Vedra Beach volunteer, Marzena Mignone, rented a 26 foot U-Haul truck on Thursday to collect supplies for the mision. She ended up needing to call in another couple of trucks on Thursday, and then 4 yesterday! The response was overwhelming. Similar scenarios are playing out all over our region as Floridians are renting trucks and setting up collection areas all over the state. My intention was to drop off my donation, but like so many others, I decided to stay to help pack the boxes, each of which would be going directly to a family in need on Great Abaco where the need is greatest at this time! We tried as best we could to make sure that each box had something of everything – bread, toiletries, toilet paper, plastic cutlery, protein bars, longlife milk, feminine products, baby bottles and formula, baby food, canned food with easy open tops, regular canned food as long as a can opener was provided, a towel, a blanket, a flashlight and batteries, and various other small items. Water and medical supplies were loaded separately, as were larger items like tarpaulins and propane cooking stoves etc.

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This morning I stopped by the headquarters of Adventures in Gods Creation and Island Crisis Flyers in Jacksonville Beach to drop off some more supplies, and asked how else I could help. The gentleman I talked with said they have enough volunteers for packing boxes etc., but said their greatest need at this moment was for to keep sending in the BASIC NECESSITIES, for PRAYER and ANOTHER PILOT AND PLANE! He also asked that I continue to share information about the mission on social media and to ask for it to be shared.

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So, if you are thinking of donating to help the victims of Hurricane Dorian, but are confused and have no idea which organization to support, please think of donating through Adventures in Gods Creation and Island Crisis Flyers The founder is a well known businessman in our area and a friend of our pastor. Every item is guaranteed to go right to the people in need, delivered directly to them by volunteers. As the people move to other areas, SO WILL THE FOOD AND SUPPLIES! They will go wherever they are needed. Another organization is paying for airplane and boat fuel for the planes and boats used by the volunteers.

If you are a pilot with a private plane, and if you are willing to help, please contact Adventures in Gods Creation and Island Crisis Flyers. Your fuel will be paid for, and you will be making a huge difference in the lives of of the Bahamian people. also, if you would like to donate money, you can do so through this mission

Adventures In Gods Creation already has an established mission there where they had been serving an impoverished shantytown named The Mud in The Marsh Harbor area of Great Abaco. Needless to say, the community no longer exists. You have seen the heart wrenching pictures of the completely flattened impoverished area near Marsh Harbor. And no doubt you have also seen the footage of a man saying, “No MUD. No more MUD.”


•Mosquito nets
• Non perishable food. Beans, Nuts, Peanut butter, Bread, Protein Bars.....
• Baby food, diapers, bottles, etc
• Lighters/matches
• Blankets
• Insect Repellents
• Tents
• Additional Volunteers
• Additional Pilots and Planes
•Additional Satellite Phones
•Money for gas, supplies, etc. Donate on website, drop off or mail.(www.AdventuresInGodsCreation.Org)

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Additionally, these items are suggested:
Generators, Chain saws, Nails, Hammers, Batteries , Stoves, Butane cans, Medicine, First aid kits, Bleach, Mosquito repellent, Towels, Blankets, Toiletries, Toilet paper, Hygiene products, Feminine products, Baby food and formula, Diapers, Snack bars, Trash bags, Plasticware for food, Camping tents, Lanterns.

They are also collecting pet food. :-)

Please note that I have used no images from the destruction in The Bahamas, as they are all copyright images, and I have no permission to use them!

Photography is my business, so if you like my work please support me by checking out my portfolio website on Adobe. There you will find links to all the places where my work is available as stock and art. You may purchase art prints and products through Zazzle, Redbubble and Fineartamerica by following the links there.

If you see something you would like to purchase in any of my posts, but can't find it anywhere on the stock or art sites, please let me know. Not everything has been uploaded there yet!

Thank you, and God Bless!

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God Bless you, Diane! I have worked some of these missions and the faces on these people as they get the supplies are something you will never forget. I am always touched to see the community get together to help another.

Most admirable and I will be looking up the number for this guy. A true superhero.

Thanks for posting this and I will be resteeming later.



Thanks, Denise. I was going to post it for #marketfriday, but didn’t getvthe chance. Needless to say, I will keep donating, so it’s pointless to say I’ll donate Steem from the post. Lol! I might just earn enough to buy a single granola bar. Bless you for being interested! You don’t have a small plane, do you?


I have friends that do. :) But those with the smaller ones do not fly over the water.


There is definitely water to fly over! I’m sure the right pilot and plane will turn up!

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Thank you so much.

God you exist, and you use these people to answer those who cry for help.
Thank you Diana and all who participate for letting yourself use a favor of an improvement in others.
May this remain so.
Greetings from Venezuela. And my prayers with you.
Thank you Curie for this contribution.


Thank you. But my part is small. I wish I could do more. We will be collecting supplies here for them for months, perhaps years to come now. Sharing what I have is the very least I can do. I wish I could empty the grocery store shelves for them. I thank God for those who are willing to go there with the supplies.

What a great initiative! It is amazing that people come together and help others. I can imagine that those in Bahamas are happy with every single item. God bless you guys!

I love to see initiatives like this one. I hope that many people from the region will take part in helping those affected by the hurricane.

Congratulations on your curie vote! Have a lovely day!


Thanks. The Curie vote is so appreciated! It’s amazing how many groups in the area are rallying together and filling up u-haul trucks to take the supplies to the pilots wherever they are flying from. Some leave from close by at St Augustine airport where the Island Crisis Flyers are based, and some from Fort Lauderdale.

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Thanks! Hopefully it will encourage some donations for Hurricane Relief.

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Thanks! 25,000 !!

it is refreshing and great to see people coming together to help others and this effort and you sharing it in this post shows there is still good in the world, my heart goes out tot hose in the Bahamas affected by this disaster

God bless you and the work you are doing at the moment!

And much luck wished with getting the goods at the right place at the right time, not easy to find in the chaos!


I am so thankful that planes have been arriving and distributing the donations directly to the the people left on Great Abaco. The volunteers will follow the people and will go where the people are. But yes, it’s such chaos over there that my heart breaks for those who can’t get any supplies. I have visited The Bahamas quite a few times, so feel they those people have given me so much in the past. Their country is a favorite vacationing spot for Floridians.

my prayers goes out to all those people living in the Bahamas and affected places. This is a very generous and helpful initiative you guys made. Stay safe all the time.


Yes, the focus is on the hurting people. I’m just trying to get the word out!

What a good person you are to spread this project to help people, you are someone of good, very few exist like you. Can you come to Venezuela? There is nothing here hahaha, we are already used to misery but when we see that other countries suffer we always want to try to help with what we don't have ... Greetings and God bless you!


Ah no. I'm just doing what I'm supposed to do and many others are doing the same. I hope there are also organizations helping the people of Venezuela too. There is so much misery and poverty in the world, yet people complain about trivial things every day. I'm guilty of that too. :-( God bless you too.

Happy to know that Florida was saved but I feel so bad for the people in the Bahamas and they have been in my prayers. I never want to go through something like that. It is always heartwarming to see the people here in USA helping, when times are bad, no matter where you live, we are always willing to do our part to help. Thank You for doing your part.


It was very heartening to hear that they have enough volunteers here on the ground. And the response for supplies has been so overwhelming, they are looking for more plane and pilots!!

So sad to see that all over the news and you were so lucky and it's nice to see people getting it together helping in what ever way they can...God Bless the all 👍


They have been delivering all our supplies and have been keeping us up to date. I'm very impressed with their efforts. One pilot even brought a homeless family back with him!


That is really fantastic of them well done :)

Bless you and prayers for all!
We follow the news here on the situation there and The Bahamas - so sad... I hope you keep and stay safe... I hear there's another headed your way (or has it arrived already...) 😔


We are so far keeping clear of the hurricanes. Thanks for your kind thoughts.