Helping people in Venezuela - 1 month after we started

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There isn't a day when we don't hear disturbing news coming from Venezuela. A couple of days ago the President took his second turn against the will of a big part of the country and of many governments abroad.

Some military then started a rebellion that was quickly crushed. Now people go to the streets to demonstrate. The parlament proclaims another president, which is supported by foreign governments, among them the USA. What will become of Venezuela is difficult to predict. One thing is sure however. People are still struggeling with lack of food and the inflation that eats away everything.

How we try to help

I wanted to contribute to improve the life of a couple of Venezuelian people and therefore I created this account @help.venezuela. The only purpose of this account is to upvote the posts of a selected number of Venezuelian Steemit users. I started this account on christmas (24.12.2018). So far it could give the following amount of upvotes to these venezuelian users:

UserNumber of upvotes


This is a total of 244 upvotes at 100%, worth about 0.02$ each. So in one month we could give around 5$ to these people which of course is not much. But if you consider that the average salary in Venezuela is now around 6$ per month, this takes a totally different dimension.

A help that wants to be sustainable

The great thing is that with this concept we can continue to help these people in a sustainable way. The account takes worth thanks to curation earnings and also through the sales of unused votes over smartsteem. In addition to that, we also collect money through referral comissions form bitcoin faucets (check out the article about it). This allowed us to collect 2 Steem this month. We started with 750 SP and the account has now 781 SP.

Thanks a lot for the generous delegations

Thanks to the generous delegations of @crypto.piotr (40 SP) and @devann (10 SP). The account has now 831 SP to upvote the posts of our friends form Venezuela. Additional delegations are clearly welcome. The more Steem Power this account has, the more the upvotes will be consequent and the quicker the Steem Power will grow. At the moment it is still not possible to help more people but in the future it is my hope that we can increase the number of beneficiaires.


Support this project to help people from Venezuela to fight a catastrophic economical situation:

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You might wonder who the "I" is in the article. Well it's me ;-)

Friend @ help.venezuela, @ achim03 Here in Venezuela even things are not right, we are in several processes difficult to explain after they happen.

But we are on the right track, it will not be easy to dismantle 20 years of corruption and organized crime by this government, nothing easy. We are here and we can not go out for whatever reason. We are the ones who have bad times.

Every day you struggle to get food, and worst of all, as you think you can feel a 44-year-old man with two positions in a university, one as a teacher and another as head of payroll. And that your salary does not reach, is terrible and even much more when you have children.
So I should look for other alternatives, to get the money to eat.

Hope is not lost and I continue to fight for my Venezuela. For your freedom.

First of all, I thank you again, with the support you give me.
I can also support others because I do so, many Venezuelans are here for several reasons. One of them is that we are people who work for the good of many and because this platform gives us the opportunity to continue growing as people by being able to read Many writers who are on this platform.

But also because every penny counts, every penny received here is very helpful for all Venezuelans.

Dear @help.venezuela, @achim03

Thank you for sharing this link with me with me.

I've been wondering how bad or good are things right not in Venezuela. It seem that many countries including US start feeling increasing migration pressure and I think noone is prepared for what future can bring.

What do I mean? Ehm, I've learned that many experts predict 5mln Venezuelians migrating out from their country within 2019. That's just insane amount of people and Maduro with his administration seem to be losing his support internationally.

At the same time I've impression that Russia and China are satisfied with current state of things. Surprisse surpisse.

So now I'm just wondering. Does Madura have support from army strong enough to stay in power? Or will he follow steps of Kadafi in Lybia?

I hope to hear from you guys:

@juanmanuellopez1, @lanzjoseg, @josevasquez, @ljmm, @maxili63, @yacobh
@fucho80, @por500bolos, @manuelramos, @mllg, @betzy, @rafaelj25, @slwzl
@jenina619, @lenonmc21, @heidiwo, @juanmolina, @softuno84, @edgarf1979
@jadams2k18, @jennimorillo, @leomolina, @reinaldoverdu, @darthgexe, @felixgarciap
@belkisa758, @pauli0606, @aniita, @mariita52, @rigmelendez3, @jdbs
@josevas217, @jsf, @sacra97, @roronoa07, @norkamoran, @nachomolina
@arquiatra, @thaishps, @abgrobert5, @yaleal, @leomaryszabala, @jesusjacr
@memes777, @amigoponc, @yonilkar, @surika, @dedicatedguy, @aleestra

You are all from Venezuela, right? So perhaps you could share your view? But be smart. Remember that whatever you write is here on blockchain to stay forever.

ps. I managed to get @devann on board with his little support already and I will get few more supporters soon :)



Hi. My dear friend, @ crypto.piotr

First of all, thanks for being very aware of what is happening in Venezuela, and the Venezuelans.

Well, I'll start by saying. There is no evil that lasts one hundred years, nor a body that resists it.

The people of Venezuela suffer but we are in struggle but not a fight in arms, good people should not resort to a war, it is not easy to be at a disadvantage against an organized group of criminals who have under their power all the institutional domain of state.
That leads to a great despair because of the impotence of not being able to do almost anything to get them out of power. They have the weapons and always use them yesterday there were more than 18 deaths where the government with their armed groups murdered those people just for protesting. How do we defend ourselves against that?

But we are doing an ants work all we can are joining together to make this transition something that does not generate more dead. Because many of us do not want more blood to be spilled, especially blood from the side, from those we do not support, to this murderous government.

This country situation has generated the flight of many Venezuelans to other countries, I know that very good and well prepared people have managed to leave, but very bad people have also managed to leave. Those bad guys are the ones who hurt us outside our borders, because every time those bad guys do something to another person in the country where they are, when they talk about that bad person, they put us all in that bag as if we were all bad, and It is not like this. We should not pay for the broken plates of another Venezuelan who does not behave well according to the moral and the rules and laws of a country that receives us.

I personally would like to leave but I can not. So I must stay to continue fighting peacefully for the freedom of my country.

Another thing that I can say all the things that happen in Venezuela are very complicated and difficult to explain, they would have to live in Venezuela so that they can understand everything that is messy country.

A very simple example, what opinion would you have of the minister of education when he says that:

The people who clean the schools have to earn the same as a teacher. That it does not matter that the teachers have studied but what they clean have the right to earn the same.

My opinion is: we must all have a level playing field to be a professional and that must be the case.

Another example of the things that this government of delinquents wants to do, they want to create a university within the prisons of Venezuela, where murderous thieves and all kinds of bad people can study, but only to be policemen. It is not something outlandish that.

Note: I do not mind that they can study, I am opposed to that it would be like they put a bird of prey to care for a fresh meat.


Dear @lanzjoseg

Thank you for your great comment and I hope you will stay safe during those uneasy days in Venezuela.

yesterday there were more than 18 deaths where the government with their armed groups murdered those people just for protesting.

That's indeed heartbreaking.

How do we defend ourselves against that?

By staying home. Really. This is international power struggle and people of Venezuela are being used by many forces. Protests like this one are expensive to organize and they never happen without some financial support.

Please keep it always in mind. Your people are only being used in games of superpowers and just stay home if you can. And ensure that you will be safe to take care of your family tomorrow and the day after.

Maybe Im a coward. That's just my opinion.



Hi @crypto.piotr,
Thanks for your amazing comment and your support for this project. You are right that there are many parties with interests when it comes to Venezuela. One shouldn't forget that Venezuela sits on the biggest oil fields in the world! What a pradox when we see how people are suffering. I hope that Venezuela doesn't become a second Syria where the big powers are struggeling for influence.

In many comments I've read so far, it seems that the army will be the defining actor in this struggle. The highest up have profited for a long time under Maduro. Their futures are linked strongly to the one of Maduro. The lower military suffer however along with the people and they probably don't have much left for Maduro. Let's see what happens...

Best regards,


Dear @achim03

Thanks for your amazing comment and your support for this project.

I love how we are scratching each other back with thouse wonderful compliements :)

One shouldn't forget that Venezuela sits on the biggest oil fields in the world!

I think it currently matters less than we really expect. World can function the way it does regardless on level of oil resources. But 5mln migrating people ... noone is prepared for it. This is the biggest security threat for all countries around.

This threat is not only going to cost money (border security) but mostly it will bring many new political powers on stage, and many of those currently in power will lose all they have. In case of such a massive immigration problem, we can really expect policital unrest.

So there is increasing international pressure to address current problem.

I hope that Venezuela doesn't become a second Syria where the big powers are struggeling for influence.

I hope so too. Luckily we do not have ISIS anywhere around Venezuela. And again: noone wants this part of the world explode. Noone wants those millions of potential refugees.



Yes our Dic wants to finish like him. USA is now ready to send $20 millions~humanitarian relief to our President Guaidó that's unstoppable, don't care about those countries supporting Maduro his end is here!

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I've been wondering how bad or good are things right not in Venezuela.

Well @crypto.piotr, I think you HAVE to read this post if you 'really' want to know something remotely objective about how the things are right now in our dear country.

I've noticed you very often start campaigns to promote articles across steemit through memo messages on users wallets creating awareness regarding important content that you reckon steemians should know about. In an effort to look support for your noble crusade and at the same time attract more comments, engagement and interaction on the subjects depicted on these posts.

It seems that you rarely visit my blog or interact at all on any of my posts and content. And yet, you keep mentioning me on your posts asking for my opinion on yours. Hence, I believe it's probably about time that you visit my blog and consume my stuff now reinvindicating that fault. Please, go ahead, read the post I've linked above and make your job as you think fit.

Cheers!! :)


Dear @por500bolos

Thank you for sharing this link with me. Going to check it out right before my bedtime :)

I've noticed you very often start campaigns to promote articles across steemit through memo messages on users wallets creating awareness regarding important content that you reckon steemians should know about. In an effort to look support for your noble crusade and at the same time attract more comments, engagement and interaction on the subjects depicted on these posts.

That's indeed what Im trying to do. Each weekend I'm investing few hours in finding some valuable content published by someone I consider active and supportive and once I week I'm contacting people I engage with (by sending them memo). Just like you said. I'm focusing on topics related to my interests: blockchain, crypto, economy, business, AI, psychology and others related.

It seems that you rarely visit my blog or interact at all on any of my posts and content.

I'm very sorry if I gaved you such an impression. It's really hard to reply to all comments and have a chance to visit everyone I know recent publications. I'm doing my best, but it's just ... hard.

Perhaps next time you publish something interesting: just send me memo with link? If I will have some free time then you can count on my help with attracting some traffic.



Hello @crypto.piotr. We greatly appreciate your interest in the socio-political situation of our country. What happened yesterday, January 23, marks an important step for a change in the next few days, and it will not be as easy as many people think.
Until the moment of writing this post, there are no signs for now of abandonment to Maduro, on the part of the military forces. However, it is striking that members of the high command and units with firepower pronounced themselves late, without being in tune and they have not done all at this time.

It is clear, we are facing a growing political crisis in Venezuela, with a strong impact on the military system. Vladimir Padrino López, minister of defense, has stated that we are facing a coup d'état, but it is pronounced a day after the facts were given. Why have they taken so long to give a support response to Maduro?

Not all the military supports Maduro and there is currently a persecution and imprisonment against military men who disagree with the socialist government.

When will the armed forces demonstrate in support of Interim President Juan Guaidó? When you see the open and massive will of the military not to repress, to be overtaken by the people. That will be the signal for Maduro to leave ...


Hi @yaleal

Thank you for your amazing comment and sharing your view with us.

God bless Venezuela! And please stay safe.



Readers may be interested in the perspective of Alfred de Zayas. He is an internarional law expert, who served as a secretary on the UN Human Rights Council. He was dispatched by the Council to go to Venezuela and report back to the Council as to the causes of the collapse of the economy there. A link to his blog on the issue is included below for your reading pleasure.


Thank you @novacadian

Appreciate your comment and sharing this link with me.

Yours, Piotr

Hi👋 Thank you so much for your help😚and concerns about people in my country!
It's amazing to have the Occident support in our fight towards liberty. To me solution is now in the hands of negotiations between Trump and Putin as we are waiting this crisis scalates.
And you're right about the minimum salary is $6 but that won't buy you but a dozen of eggs, hyperinflation is so hard lately and actually we have been struggling with international paired prizes of food lately due to scarcity, lack of production.. The time you could buy lot of things with a dollar here is over, people is looking for desperately and creative sources of income, others more lucky can live thanks to the help some family member out of Venezuela send them😦 I hope they can success in entering humanitarian aid in the country soon!

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Hi @jenina619,
Thank you very much for your feed-back. What we learn from the news is not really complete and it is difficult to understand what people are going through. I really hope that the things that are going on in your country will turn out for the better. There is a long way to go. On the other hand I think that your country needs change desperately...

Best regards,


Looking at Maduro isolated is priceless

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Dear @jenina619

To me solution is now in the hands of negotiations between Trump and Putin as we are waiting this crisis scalates.

Aren't Chinese also important? They seem to invest huge amount of resources and in their interest would be best if Maduro stays in power.



The Chinese are more pragmatic than the Russians. They wash their hands, like Pilate. They assume that Maduro will fall and do not want to throw themselves off as an enemy to the next "payer." They already have enough problems with Trump. They are businessmen. Let's hope.

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Love your comment. You're so very right @jenina619


Yesterday in the streets you could see chinese people out of their shops supporting demonstrators smiling🤔 when they were the first that used to cheer Maduro and so..


seriously @jenina619? omg. this is amazing


Hello @ achim03 thank you very much for the support, in Venezuela every penny counts so we are all very grateful for this initiative, something that perhaps worth noting is that although it seems illogical food in Venezuela is more expensive than in almost all Latin America then earning some dollars is very difficult but spending them is incredibly fast alone in food a small family to be well fed could spend $ 150 to $ 200 per month, I live on the border with Colombia and it is cheaper to market in that country, that great price difference between the minimum wage and the cost of food is what makes the vast majority of Venezuelans not eat well, it is shocking when you see friends and family who have lost 20 kilos or even more weight because of the cost that is the food.

@crypto.piotr I do not think that mature yield to international pressures, the vast majority of people in the government know that if they leave power it is very likely that they will end up imprisoned the rest of their lives either in Venezuela or another country, I am almost sure that they first I would face an invasion rather than give up power, there is something very important that Chávez infused and that few people understand and it is ideology, ideology is like a religion I am agnostic and I know that arguing with religious is a lost case the same happens with the people who took the revolution as an ideology, it does not matter that they are going hungry no matter if it is one of the most insecure countries in the world or that we have the highest inflation in the world they continue with the "revolution" because they believe that this is the way to something better, for them all the bad is the fault of the others (the opposition and the empire), that's why it is good to understand that the government of mature if you have people and are people to rmada willing to die for the "revolution" so the only alternative that I see as viable is for a military invasion to happen or what has been more common in other countries that were financed by armed militias of the country that fight the government, in any the two cases to Venezuela awaits bloodshed.


Dear @hendersonp

what an amazing comment. Love it!

but would you consider using enter sometimes to separate blocks of text? it would make reading much easier :)

I'm not sure if I already spoke to you about it, but good friend of mine (from steemit) is looking for crypto writers and social media marketers.
Perhaps you or someone you know would be interested in such a position (check out my latest post).

Yours, Piotr


or perfect I did not know, I'll see your last post to inform me

Thank you :)


When I read the reports of people from Venezuela, I can't help but feel sorry. It must be a terrible challenge just to find food for the family. I don't know whether the recent political developments will be the answer but it is sure that things have to change.

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Dear @help.venezuela

This is going to be little bit off-topic comment. Hope you don't mind. As you may know I will be heading to europe soon and I realized that I may be quite busy catching up with Polish family once I see them again.

So I figured that I will extend all delegations for another 1 month (until end of march 2019). Just wanted to let you know :)

Hope you will continue being active and supportive towards our little steemit community we managed to create together.


Friend @ help.venezuela, @ achim03 a good job of support for Venezuelans thank you for being outstanding delegating and supporting several projects
crypto.piotr The friend is contributing by doing an ant work trying to bring help to many Venezuelans thanks