2 Weeks Left to Fundraise: Help Send Young Man to UNIVERSITY OF PORT HARCOURT (We need $300.00 USD to reach goal)

2년 전

90% of rewards to @edith4angelseu, 10% to @steempeak. I'm using beneficiaries on https://steempeak.com to create this post.

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Steemian @edith4angelseu Has Reached Out

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An independent and proud woman, as I can testify for the year + I have known her, I know it was no easy thing to ask for help sending her son, Pius Miracle, to University.

Edith raised her children as a single Mother with no support, and is now asking our help to get her son the rest of the way, by fulfilling his dream of becoming a chemist.

Read everything you need to know, see documentation, and find out how to contact Edith off the blockchain in these articles she's written about her plea:

How to Help

  • Every cent of Steem & SBD helps! Transfer to @edith4angelseu
  • Resteem this article
  • Upvote any of Edith's recent posts or this one

I know we can give this final push all we've got. It's not every day that you can say you helped send a young man to University! With the Steem blockchain, with our #SteemFam...nothing is impossible. It's: I'm Possible. I look forward to sharing the joyous news once we reach our goaaaaaaaal!

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This is simply unbelievable Lyndsey! I never knew you could go to such lengths for me. I weep reading this post, knowing that you care this much and that you are willing to do this much. Tears of joy flood my eyes that across the globe, a heart is panting, beating.... For me.
Miracle wept with me as we read together, of such great a love, from such great a heart. You have planted so much love in our hearts and has taught my son the most valuable lesson ever.... To have his heart beat for humanity for as long as he lives, to reach out to the cry of the humble and the groans of the simple. I type these words with my tears, for this tenderness, this warm hug in the cold, this solace in your loving arms! Thank you so much Lyndsey, again I am bereft of words.....


Sent you 2 STEEM I had laying around !tip


Thank you so much @davedickeyyall, I appreciate your kind gesture.


have you considered sending him to Germany where many programs are free even for courses in english? application deadlines are still open... 300 000$ is a ridiculous amount even sending him to the UK would be cheaper and that costs like 10 000 pounds per year and entry is easy.


Oh no dear, it was $300, (three hundred dollars ). Thank you

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Thank you so much

This is so kind of you, ma'am... Madam Edit is one of the world's great mothers with unassuming doggedness and a heart so pure... Brought her to steem and have known her ever since. Post resteemed with love! Thanks for this awesome move by you. God bless you.


Wow, that's awesome @eurogee, I had no clue it was you that onboarded beautiful Edith!! How awesome!!! I have your comment up at the top, so people can see! <3 <3 <3


@eurogee, my mentor and supporter who has been there all along. I want to cease this opportunity to thank you immensely, for the many moments of darkness that I rested on your shoulders, for the many nights of tears that you helped wipe away. A leader par excellence and an Angel to the core. I appreciate you greatly, so greatly. Thank you so dearly.

Thank you for such a kind gesture and heart. You are really appreciated 🇳🇬


Thank you so much @mediahousent for being a part of this, for making yourself available for love. You are immensely appreciated so very much.
@lyndsaybowes can't be human, she is an Angel, my Angel!

Ya envié algo a @edith4angelseu


Thank you so much @acostaeladio, you have been so kind and I appreciate you greatly.

My SiStar, you've so big and caring heart! I am proud of you;)
Of course, I'm taking part in this great mission too!


Thank you so much, you are AMAZING Sis!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Hugs!!

It will be so great when steem is worth a few bucks and my upvotes will actually add up to something!

In the meantime, you have my tiny vote and a resteem.

Bravo for leveraging the blockchain for a noble cause!!

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Upvote and resteem appreciated, it's more than enough, you rock Zeke! Thanks for contributing!


More than happy to help. Comment upvotes count too? ;)

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Thank you so much @zekepickleman, there's nothing tiny in what you have given, you have given from your heart, with your love! Now that is what really matters! Thank you so very much.

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