support first live steemit station for hip hop

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I am looking to use steemit's innovatative platform to start a online radio station but to do that i need to buy equipment and since steem is set up the way it is i thought this was the best platform to start it on bringing awareness to here and funds into my studio. My studio will help promote underground and local artists for free I already started a channel on discord
Studio list:
1.) Speakers ($160)studio.png
2.)sound mixer ($229)mackie_profx4v2_2044600-00_angle_left.jpg
3.) 3rd monitor ![shopping.jpg]
Now if i make more then the studio cost i will donate to the Mt.view Boys and Girls Club in Anchorage Alaska for their studio and music program thay I use to help run i will also post videos on youtube,instagram,facebook and tumblr showing the donation.
for their facebook page and for the website
So if you are interested in being apart of Mt view station vote on my posts and comment for suggetions and questions
Thank you for reading

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for all my upvote is worth... 0.01... best of luck to you and your project.