Baby Shawn is knocking on your kind hearts to fund his Shunt Surgery.

2년 전

I honestly don't know how to seek help about problems like this. But in a time where life is at stake, I could humbly say ''there's no shame in asking for it''.

As I was scrolling down on my facebook feed last day, I came across on a post from a known friend and a mother. Her name is Jemae Tañola(not a steemian) and I have known her since high school and been reading some of her updates about her baby's condition recently. On her last post/update, she further elaborated her baby's current condition and some bits of her pregnancy history and post-labor.

I grabbed the whole text of the post:

My son was born on February 2, 2018 via cesarean section secondary to breech presentation at 38-39 weeks AOG. I am diagnosed with hypothyroidism however, I had regular prenatal check-ups. I was apparently well during the scheduled day but a few hours after I gave birth, my son had series of episodes / seizures. They ran blood tests and figured out that his sugar decreased to below normal levels. Doctors were telling me that their first diagnosis was hypoglycemia which caused the seizures. They also found out that because of the seizures, my son has developed a hemorrhage on his brain.

They said that this often happens to preterm babies but Shawn isn't and given the fact that I was nonhypertensive and nondiabetic. They are also quite unsure if the hemorrhage already occurred while he was still in my stomach and had seizures when he came out or the hypoglycemia caused the seizures which resulted to a hemorrhage. I have given them my ultrasound film which was performed 2 days before my scheduled CS but the results were normal. Because of the hemorrhage, he also developed hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy.

We have been sending Shawn to rehab for his physical and occupational therapy but our main priority now is for his surgery. His neurologist said that we need to place a shunt on his head to drain the water. Shunts often malfunction or fail few years after the placement and it may require multiple revisions or surgeries.

Shawn is a very brave baby. He is behind in other areas of development but he always try to communicate to us. I want him to live a normal life like any other kids. Donating or sharing this post with your social network would mean so much. Thank you for the support! God Bless.

Indeed, Shawn is a very brave baby.

Baby Shawn was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia and Intraventricular Hemmorhage and also with Sepsis.

There's a slight typo error on the dates

With his diagnosis, he then developed ventricular enlargement on his latest examinations. This will result in severe hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy if baby Shawn cannot undergo Shunt Surgery as soon as possible.


According to, a VP shunt, shunt surgery or shunting

A ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt is a medical device that relieves pressure on the brain caused by fluid accumulation. VP shunting is a surgical procedure that primarily treats a condition called hydrocephalus. This condition occurs when excess cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) collects in the brain's ventricles.

Just by looking at the picture of how shunt procedure is being done, I can say that it is a crucial operation, especially in infancy to toddler stage patients like baby Shawn.

Jemae was raising the target funds of $5000 in GoFundMe. But unfortunately, the post was removed due to some error in Terms and Conditions guideline. She is now trying to accumulate the funds thru her own ways and with the support and help of her families and friends.

I had the chance to contact her and tell her about the help I can offer thru crowdfunding and by the use of cryptocurrencies like steem. And told her that I could ask the community of steemit to help me raise the funds she needed. Moreover, I got those details and pictures above from her thru facebook communication. Again, she is not a steemian and due to some important priorities and privacy, I opted not to invite her into the community and start to ask donations.

I'm looking to some possible solutions and ideas to reach the target funds but I know it's too big to achieve it instantly. But, I'm doing what's best to lessen the expenses in operation and future medications for the Baby. I am also looking forward to seek help with fundition and whoever wanted me to guide about their rules and procedure in making a crowdfunded project. This post will serve as an initiation, that I, will be held accountable for this project for a cause.

So to start, I am donating all rewards that will be generated from this post for baby Shawn's operation including my post payouts of steem tokens and some future payouts of my previous posts.

If you want to help, you can send some donations directly to my account or contact Jemae on her facebook account if you want to transfer the money thru bank. The funds accumulated will be transferred thru bank and/or remittances here in the Philippines with the bridged connection of and its Filipino Users. I will give future updates with enough transparency for this steemit funded cause.

Special thanks to the following, for the encouragement they gave on me:

@immarojas and the @bayanihan curators
@steemph.cebu community
and some @friends

Hoping for positive feedback from the community for Baby Shawn.


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Fight, little one! 😥 Giving you my upvote @themanualbot, I hope it helps, and my prayers too.


Yeah, prayers will do help a lot as well. Thanks

My heart and prayers are with you my dear.

I am donating all liquid rewards from this post for baby Shawn's operation including my post payouts of steem tokens and some future payouts of my previous posts.

Please consider donating all of the rewards from this post. If you don't want to power down then make up for it with other post rewards.


Okay! I will powerdown the SP that will be generated by this post @acidyo.


Thanks, there's been some controversial selfish reasons in the past to do these charity posts to keep the SP.


Yes and I've been hearing those stories until now. I will keep my word for this. Thank you!


He also said you can make up for it instead of powering use your own steem.

It’s not much but have sent you a little in transfer thank you for bringing this to the attention of the community!!

sent to your wallet..

I know we can achieve what we need to give him a Help, This just breaks my hearts!

Blessing for this little Kiddo!

Peace V!


Thanks, @leotrap, and for pushing me to do this well. :)

Pls no matter how low my upvote maybe,consider me being a newbie here.
I wish him quick recovery,I hate it when I see a little child suffer this way.may God grant him quick recovery so as to make his parents happy

I gave you my vote @themanualbot, it's not much but it contributes to the cause. God bless this beautiful baby.


Thank you! Any contribution, less or big is very much appreciated.

  ·  2년 전

You might as well try hosting a charity event on @fundition for Shawn. It is a steem-driven crowdsourcing platform on which some people have been doing charity events for a good cause. Best wishes for Shawn.

Kudos to you for helping this family in need. Shawn is a handsome little guy and I hope he receives the medical attention he needs so that he can live a long fruitful life. Sending prayers their way!

Thanks for posting this @themanualbot. Please allow for some SBD on their behalf as I don’t bank or Facebook. God bless you for doing this. We’re praying for Shawn and Jemae.


Yes. Thanks for the donation. This is a great help. All rewards will be allocated for the cause. :)

Voted, resteemed and sent you a little something in your wallet for Shawn. It's moments like this I truly wish to be rich, not just to spoil my family (my son and my mom mostly) but also to help others. I have a 5-year-old son and the day he was born and hold him for the first time, everything changed inside me. There's no form of life more innocent, kind and pure than a human baby. I really hope everything goes well with Shawn's operation. My prayers and positive thoughts are with Shawn and his parents.

God bless you all :)))


Thank you for your kind words and support @tkappa. You are such a great help!

es una buena causa la que estas promocionando Dios ayude a mejorar al BB SHAWN, Dios es tu cobijo y fortaleza y el ara posible tu deseo de que el BB shawn sane y lleve una vida prospera.

It's hearbreaking to see you like that Baby Shawn. I'm a Mother too and my baby was once confined in the hospital too. It's very difficult and painful.

Maybe for now I don't have much, but through prayers I know I can help. God hears and sees everything, He will never abandon you Baby Shawn, He will heal you and let you live as a normal kid! Amen!

I will pray to the god,my support is always with you.

My support and my wishes are always with you baby,after a long time i got a reason to pray,you will be alright.

i don't have anything to give other than my upvote and prayer.
Such hardship for a little baby, I pray he gets proper treatments and healed. Best wishes

Congratulations @themanualbot!
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Get well soon dear baby. Our prayers are with you.

Upvoted, resteemed and promoted this post, all for Baby Shawn! May the Good Lord extend His healing power and grant him complete healing and recovery!

One Steem was all I had. Sent it for the baby. Hope it will be fine soon.

Lord please help this little angel
My heart is breaking and crying
Fight baby Shawn

good ,your post.

Please be okay baby shawn.

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