Manage Community Membership with Steem Memos

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@we-are is a free upvote system that supports content creators in steem communities. @we-are is in closed beta with over 400 members and 25 communities. This post announces the roll out of a new feature, called the MemoAPI.

People can interact with @we-are using steem memos! You can send a transfer of STEEM or SBD, to @we-are with a command in memo field. @we-are will respond with a confirmation so. For now, you can send 0.001 so the impact on you is cost neutral. If @we-are gets hit by a lot of spam requests to the point it drains the resource credits, then I might increase the minimum cost a little in order to discourage spammers. Here are the commands:

Anybody can issue, and be returned, a status.
status This returns what @we-are knows about the sender of the transfer. It'll list any communities you are an admin, member or voter for, and what @we-are accounts might send you upvotes.

status @username Returns @we-are status information for a particular user. Yes, this information is public.

The following commands are only available to community admins.
add @user #community This adds a user to a community. The order of user and community names doesn't matter because the bot looks for the @ and #
delete #community @user This removes a user from a community. Order of user and community names don't matter.

So, who are the communities and admins? Here's a current list, if you think you should belong to a @we-are community then ask the admin to add you and you'll receive upvotes on new posts.

#aceh-soegata @soegata
#keepitinsteem @bembelmaniac, @keepitinsteem, @lintenhinks, @losi, @pilotkosinus
#naijapidgin @naijapidgin, @ogoowinner
#offlinemschool @bait002
#ophumanangels @lidiasteem, @ridhasteem
#promo-mentors @futurethinker
#reachout @akintunde, @reachout
#sancristobal-ve @malos10
#sdg1mu @atare, @bennji, @crystalll, @queenerica, @yucee
#stach @ejemai
#steemhelpinghand @phunke, @steemhelpinghand
#youarehope @malos10, @sircork, @youarehope

So, if you're an admin, then please go ahead and add members to your community so that they can receive their free upvotes.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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❤ Many many thaanks for being a helper to a lot of communities sir!!

This looks really great, I will start trying them out as soon as I settle down. Thanks for this great initiative @eturnerx

I don't know where you got your information, but @ridhasteem and @lidiasteem are not the admins of #ophumanangels. They both used to participate in the community, but neither of them have been active for months. #ophumanangels was started by @lyndsaybowes.


Okay. Quick scan on the chain and it seems legit. Have changed admin to @lyndsaybowes and added you as a member of that community. It's free upvotes with no spammy comments, so I hope that's okay.


Thanks for the headsup.
Excuse: @we-are has been running for months in closed beta. In its early days I didn't think too hard about making #communities because my concerns were mostly in getting material to test upon. Those two seemed like worthy cases who could've use a few free upvotes.
Remedy: Please contact me on Discord (eturnerx) and we can discuss the proper details for the #ophumanangels account. TIA.

Hi @we-are-one, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @keepitinsteem doesn't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @keepinitsteem ?

If you found this comment useful, consider upvoting it to help keep this bot running. You can see a list of all available commands by replying with !help.

hey Checky... smile yes its @keepinitsteem


That means I have it wrong in my database. I will fix it!

Posted using Steeve

Someone pointed this out to me as something that C² could potentially take part in (@c-squared / @c-cubed accounts and associated C² discord, discord invite in the blog headers). Reading back through the posting I just want to make sure I have understood correctly that the initial sign up criteria still includes a 1000 SP delegation? Cheers - Carl (one of the C² admins). Is there an up to date summary of current sign up process and services provided with examples of outgoing votes etc. that someone could read all in one place without having to read all the posts on this account (particularly since it is not clear that the earlier posts on this account are still relevant currently)?


Apologies for the slow response. I'm going to add something help me track comments on this account.
You are correct - I am quite behind on the documentation for @we-are. There isn't really an upto date post.
I no longer require a delegation to setup a community. The process for setup is still manual, so contact me on Discord via the same username. I will need:

Community name, Discord url (if you have it), brief 5 - 20 word description of the community
Steem usernames of the admins (these people can use memos to add/remove members)
Right now, @we-are is still in closed trial. I want to take it to 1000 members to check it for scaleability.