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The question I always get about Bitcoin... "When is the best time to buy or even sell"? 🤷‍♂️

Bitcoin has been currently on a parabolic run in the past few weeks and all the HODLERS are excited. I'v been seeing lots of "FOMO Talk" on social media during this time. 🙋‍♂️

There are many people who waited to buy Bitcoin and most of them are currently feeling regret. 🤦

This happens all the time in the crypto markets. When Bitcoin goes up, more "average joes" will start buying at the top.

In my eyes, no trader or fundelmentimst will ever "pick" exactly the bottoms and tops of Bitcoin. Eventually 95% all traders tend to lose and if good news comes out, it's probably already priced in.

So what is the best way to buy Bitcoin? Dollar Cost Averaging is the answer. I found a pretty good Bitcoin (DCA) calculator online.

For example: If you put in $20 a week into Bitcoin since the beginning of the year (2019)... you will be up a Whopping 70% Already.

Check out the numbers here: 📸

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 5.50.55 PM.jpg

If you want to do your own calculation, here is the website.

Dollar Cost Averaging is really the smartest way to get into the crypto game. You actually leave all the "emotions" at the door while stackin' up your favorite crypto.

What about Steem? Well, it's also a good strategy also!

One doesn't need that much money to get started. Buying 100 Steem a week (current cost is around $30) is the key for becoming successful on Steem while obtaining more influence on the platform.

By doing this, one can easily become a "Dolphin" within a year which everyone should be able to do.

If you can't get $30 a week (at least) to invest in Steem, you have more serious issues to worry than investing in crypto. Get your Fiat (fake) Money right first before investing in anything!

Was that pretty harsh? Not really, it just the truth. Just Sayin'

So what are your thoughts? Are you buying Crypto? If so, what is currently your best strategy?

Keep On STACKIN! 💞

~ Charles Fuchs

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DCA is one way to do it. There is also The Bitcoin Rake


btw: there seems to be an issue with your calculator link


Opps, I had a typo! Thanks for the heads up! The link works now :)


Keep on with your good stuff!

Thanks for the words of advice. That's how I'm buying my steem! 😁


True Boss Mode :)

Been hitting it weekly all last year and this year so far never missing one. Not to late to get started a major rally is coming!


It definitely appears that way.


I want a correction haha 😬

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It's really stalled out I am expecting a drop tomorrow

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That is what I have been doing with Steem ever since $3.90 and have gotten my average cost down to $0.75!

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I’m lovin these low steem prices 🤣... get more in the cheap cheap! 😬

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I think I have Spent too Much Money on These DAMN Steemmonsters and my Girl Friend is Pissed Off at Me because of it.......@stackin


Haha!! Tell her it’s an investment 😬

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I have to agree with you on that one 😀

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This is good advice. Simply buying on a regular basis leads to gains, as you acquire more coin when prices are low and you won't wind up buying too much at the top. Thanks for that.


Written like a true investor 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

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Yeah, that's what we do with stocks and now with cryptos. Makes sense. More so with Steem. 😊

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Boom! 😎

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Hi do you know the correlation between steempower and rewards for author and curation? I have not understood until today

I've been told to DCA for years and regret not doing it every time lmao


Boom! Ballin’ 😀

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time to grab steem all the way slowly and slowly


Better grab them before it’s too late 😀

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its too late to buy now :( bitcoin on the epic rise

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