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Without Influence, ideas and products don't matter if no one knows about it ~ Charles Fuchs.

Today, there will be hardly no emjoi's, gif's, memes or anything like as I want people to really read what I have to say, it's very crucial if we want Steemit to dominate!

If we want Steemit to be known to the world, as a community... we must immediately start supporting our Social Media Influencers as soon as possible.

The one thing I know is marketing, I've been an Entrepreneur for almost 20+ years and own many businesses. One of the most important words in business is "Marketing".

If we want Steemit to be a household name, we need to start getting the message out to the masses and support our Influencers as they can bring in thousands of people a day. 

Many of you have probably known by now that I have over 20,000+ followers on Facebook. When I started Steeemit, I let all my Facebook Followers know what Steemit was all about. 

I'm probably responsible for brining in over 1000+ people to Steemit by simply doing a post but this isn't really about me today.

You see, websites like Steemit works like any other Social Media Website. People and Investors really don't care if the company makes money at all in the beginning, they care about how many users "eyeballs" there are.

So let me explain, check out Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat history. When they first started out, they never made any money at all for years. 

Once they had millions of people, investors and more people got very interested and joined up! People tend to be like sheep and follow the herd, no pun intended but thats just reality. 

For Example, Instagram was popular for years and never made any money but after they had millions of users, Facebook paid 1 Billion dollars for it and once that happened, hundreds of thousands of people joined.

Another Example was Snapchat, once again they never made any money but once they had millions of user accounts... they were bought out for 20+ billion dollars and the users doubled. 

I'm not saying that we're going to get bought out because thats almost impossible but when people see people talking about steemit all the time, they will want to join. 

It's all about "users" and "accounts" on Social Media. That's the main reason why we must start supporting our influencers on Steemit who can reach millions of people. 

"Alright Charles, what do you want us to do"!

I want everyone start supporting @grantcardone, @jerrybanfield and @suppoman as soon as possible. They are reaching millions of people per month. 

These (3) three people are currently on Steemit and are the biggest promoters of Steemit to their fans. They already have Millions of followers on other platforms.

If we stop and don't support our Influencers... they will stop talking about Steemit or even worse yet, leave steemit and go back where their supporters are. 

So I recommend people to start "upvoting" for @grantcardone, @jerrybanfield, and @suppoman (myself included @stackin 🤣 jk but not really lol). 

You may be wondering, what if the content is shit? No worries, I did my research for months and these guys bring that quality content to Steemit everyday.

Our main goal as Steemians is get the information out to the masses and have at least 1 Million accounts in 2018! It's time to scale baby! "Money Loves Speed"!

More People = More Investors = More Money = More FUN!

Thanks guys for listening, however we all must start taking major action and let the whole steemit community understand why we must start supporting our Influencers ASAP! 

Keep on Stackin! 💞

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Charles Fuchs | Stackin | charlesfuchs | charlesfuchs

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I wasn't familiar with @suppoman. I'll have to check them out.

As a programmer, I'm often at odds with marketers. I also once ran a small team of marketing developers and learned a lot about how we can and should work together. Last last year I did a post on how we can use these 5 keys to not piss each other off. Often programmers feel they do the "real work" while the marketers just lie or make shit up to get attention. At the same time, the reality is, if marketers don't promote what we build it's useless because it will never impact another human being.

My concern with these early "influencers" is whether or not they are the right influencers. I know many think numbers are all that matter, but to me the culture of a platform matters more for long-term, sustainable growth. If we attract a lot of flashy, get-rich-quick-by-following-my-simple-program personalities, we'll attract people who aren't really influencers themselves, they are just followers who want to be told what to do.

I don't know @grantcardone but when he joined I asked around a bit and someone I respect who is a legitimate influencer didn't have the nicest things to say about him. His reputation, in the view of my friend, wasn't one which commanded respect. That's just one person's opinion. I'm trying to form my own, but some things I've seen so far keep me skeptical.

As to @jerrybanfield, I've had some interactions with him where I've been impressed with his honesty, humility, and willingness to admit his mistakes. I think he is putting in some hard work here to bring value to the network. In the beginning, I didn't think that at all. Where it goes from here, well, time will tell.

There's a concept I like to talk about because it resonates with me: wannapreneur. Some people talk a big game about being entrepreneurs, but often they are just online personalities. Either they are actually financially broke (based on some insight from friends of mine who know their real story) or they are only making money by telling other people how to make money (not by actually building something of value such as a real business). Follower count and "internet celebrity" status don't pay the bills. Working every day to improve the lives of others through what you create can. I've been doing that for over ten years with my business, FoxyCart.com.

I'd love to see more influencers who don't have to self-describe as "influencers". I'd like to see people join Steemit who we already know and respect because of what they've done, not just how many people listen to them.

All that said, I'm just bringing one person's perspective. You are right that we do need more influencers here of all kinds to really grow the numbers. Beggars can't be choosers and compared to the other social media networks out there, our hat is still in hand.


Totally understand where you are coming from... in business, there are always sectors such as customer service, sales, hr, marketing department, product development etc.. etc... without one of them, things just don't get done.

As for influencers, you are correct on that, many are phonies and everyone's opinion about influencers or people will be different. As for @grantcardone, he is a true boss. He has many people who disagree with him but many people love him. I wonder if your buddy even know the guy, is his opinion based on watching a few videos? In life, you can't please everyone... just like Kim Kardashian, tons of hate but tons of love. lol

Heck, you should see all the hate I get on Social Media though out the years, I don't know 99.9% of them... When you put yourself out there with a huge following, people will judge and attack everything you do regardless. Most people will never experience this, only people with a big following. All I can say is that people love to stir up drama and and talk about it all day, I'm far to busy for that lol

Did you ever see @jerrybanfield Youtube accounts, its nuts with hundreds of trolls and hate... how can people hate on him, all he does is posts tons of good content, provides value, talks about his life but had some controversial posts also ... with a big following, he can't please everyone. No ones perfect :)

I talked about pretenders last week or AKA "Wannapreneurs", there are so many of them out there but thats a whole different story I don't want to get into right now, I will rant for days lol

In my opinion with influencers, why not bring them all in. The community will oust them if they are "shady" as we all have already seen a few leave because they were pitching there scams on Steemit.

Thanks @lukestokes for your opinion, it's always good to hear other people's perspectives. I remember the day I joined steemit, you was the first ones I hit up :)


I hadn't heard of @suppoman but I have been pretty impressed with @jerrybanfield He goes boss level for sure and the one thing I have been surprised with him is the amount of paid advertising he is willing to do. His LIVE stream setup is dope as well.


Totally agree, I havnt seen anyone come close to his marketing skills to promote steemit on a large scale like he does.


He has gotten to a point to where he is able to hire people to translate and his post get good enough payouts he can keep spinning that into the marketing.

But I would say it would be good to have some other people doing the same things to get diversity in there. Then if someone saw Jerry talking about it and then they see some other person saying they like being on Steemit it suddenly is a different exposure from a different angle.

I really like Jerry though. He cracks me up. In one video he was talking about all the time he has spent on Facebook and how he has this huge following and he was saying he "never got anything." ....... then he was like "Well actually I got a girlfriend from there back in college.......until she dumped me...... But then I met other girls on there too." LOL It cracked me up the way he said it.


Totally agree. I like Jerry. Cardone didn't make a good impression on me. Suppoman I just discovered on YouTube coincidentally and like what I've seen so far. At least he's bringing crypto info and not just get rich quick fluff.

You're right, we need influencers that are influential because they're actually focused on providing specific information from specific fields that matter to people. That's why I reached out and got @lorenzohagerty to join. He's the host of the Psychedelic Salon podcast, providing information on plant medicines, scientific studies on them, legal issues, safety, etc. since 2005.

We need Steemit to be full of information. Not the promise of information if you "sign up for my free newsletter and buy my book" kind of stuff.


There are tons of awesome vegan and fitness influencers that I know on youtube, they love the platform but they are skeptical about cryptocurrencies lol


I just tell these folks to wait for the time they see merchants that only accept tokens; no USD!


I can see about 5-10 years, it will be no cash or maybe the usd dollar be gone also 😂


Yeah, a lot of ignorant skepticism out there. Best to find the influencers who are already accepting Bitcoin donations I guess.


@lukestokes Thanks for your reply on this. I'm on the same page with you

So, we shouldn't upvote people based on whether or not we like their posts. Instead, we should simply upvote them because they achieved some sort of "popularity" on some other platform(s)?

Why would doing this actually help Steem/Steemit?

And if these people are able to reach "millions," then there is either a problem with 1) how or how much they're promoting the platform or 2) the interest level of the people who follow them. Giving these "influencers" more money doesn't resolve either of those issues. Their "millions" of followers either don't want to join the Steem ecosystem or they aren't getting the requisite information to make such a choice.

I would suggest that people upvote the things that they actually like and would like to continue seeing. That's a good way to get more of it.


I agree with you @ats-david! The three guys that I posted go out of their way of promoting steem.

They have a large following of investors in the crypto space and many other things. Hope my info didn't come across just saying upvote these people for no reason.

"You may be wondering, what if the content is shit? No worries, I did my research for months and these guys bring that quality content to Steemit everyday."

I should of clearly stated just don't upvote these guys just for the heck of it but support them as they are going "ham" promoting steemit to the world and especially to investors of the crypto space.

Many people are not capable of marketing yet alone on a large scale. For example, we all seen @jerrybanfield spend thousands of dollars already using FB ads with his upvote money to target Cryptocurrency people.

All three of these guys target investors who likes Cryptocurrency.

Thanks for you comment boss, getting other people perspectives is always a good thing.

Great advice but are they bringing quality people as welll or do these people show up and leave after a few weeks? Not saying these people arent great for steem, but there are many other people here on steemit that do much more for retention.


I always said this, let 1 billion people know about it and quality people will stay and the others will leave :)

I totally agree with you, have my support %100!


Always coming through, Let's Go!

First of all steemit inc. need to fix sign-up process.


Totally agree with you! That Hardfork 20 is coming soon, we can see influx of people :)


It's coming for a while now. It would be nice as soon as possible. People get nervous. They're waiting too long and lose interest.


That's true, Hope it comes soon!

To need influencers you need people who can be influenced, the way Steemit is working today where nearly every up vote is made by a bot or by some guild and where all upvotes are already pre assigned to the same people regardless of the quality of their articles you are not going to have many people to influence. I think first you have to work on having people curate manually, up vote only what they think has quality or else this platform will just become a huge social bot media.

great idea, by supporting these people, we probably supporting Steemit as a whole.. thank you reminding the community

Man right on. I was reflecting on this today. If we really want Steemit to grow there's a ton a promotion that needs to happen! On point

Congratulations @stackin
MinnowsPower listed your post "CALLING ALL STEEMIAN'S: WE NEED TO START SUPPORTING OUR STEEMIT INFLUENCERS! WE NEED YOUR HELP 😎" as one of the top 10 upvoted and commented posts of the day...!!!
Exceptional intention and wish you all can reach the ultimate goals.
100% Upvoted by @MinnowsPower

MinnowsPower is not a bot, I am a Crowdfunding Hybrid
One small UpVote of Yours build MinnowsPower and MinnowsPower will Not Forget Your Support...!!!


Hmmm Interesting, will take a look like usual lol


Thank you for the kind response...!!!

MinnowsPower is not a bot, I am a Crowdfunding Hybrid
One small UpVote of Yours build MinnowsPower and MinnowsPower will Not Forget Your Support...!!!

I think it's a good idea but I have a doubt. If Steemit reaches millions of users and big companies and famous people join it, I would not want it to become a squalid social, where reigning advertising and stupid things as on facebook. At that point, where would small fish like me finish?

However, it could raise the steem value to the stars. This would not be bad, because in the meantime I would have accumulated it a little bit. @stackin I will follow these people, I want to trust your idea, I hope it's the best for us all.

Nice, just followed all three of them.


These guys are true influencers 😀


Have tried commenting on your great works dozen times no response......i guess i should assume an influencer status too


I didn't see you commenting on my posts, are you talking to @stackin?


i have commented on your fine drawings in the past mate

i already followed jerry and didn't know the others. Now i will follow them too!
We need mainstream!


We need massive attention :)

ill check those homies out - and you can find my fb blowing up with steem invites...


That's what I'm talking about! Let's Go!

I have an open survey asking people where they heard about Steem, and many people named Jerry, who already gets a lot of support. The others were not mentioned.

Anyway, I plan on sorting out the information provided and doing another post.

Good thoughts, thanks for sharing.


If you see this and haven't filled it out, please do. @stackin have your followers fill this out, so I can communicate how many users you have brought.


Just commented on the posts, thanks for sharing :)

Charles thank you for the love here! Where I could use a lot of help is responding to comments on YouTube and Facebook because there are tons of opportunities to make great responses to the trolls to convert readers on the fence checking the comments to see that it is not just me promoting Steem but that we have an active community here all loving and supporting each other!


Not a problem @jerrybanfield, You are working your a** off and making steemit known to the world... from a fellow marketer, I know how long and hard it is to be a content producer.

I was already following @jerrybanfield, But I will be in the lookout for @suppoman & @grantcardone. Thanks for you recommendation!



Great guys to follow :)

resteemed my man to spread the word!

Good idea! Already following @jerrybanfield just followed @suppoman @grantcardone. I was hoping @keiserreport would do more but hopefully they will. I think Stacy likes it...


That's so funny, @keiserreport was on my list and everyone should support them also... I wanted to list 3 so people won't be overwhelmed lol


Cool already following @keiserreport so I'm batting .500 here!!

Full 100% and resteemed :-)

Let's go 💯💯💯💯💯



Yes even I came to know about steemit watching one of the videos from @jerrybanfield .BDW you have mentioned wrong individual here,its @jerrybanfield and not @jerrybanfeild .Later is a fake account and its redirecting to this :-

Haha,You just made the fake ID popular,lol


Thanks @swaraj!!! I just corrected it, dang spam accounts hahaha

Good stuff @stackin

Showing support for those driving traffic to Steemit is essential. We shouldn't rest on our laurels though(which I can tell you don't). It's up to every one of us to promote Steemit like the three fine examples you just put forth.

As for myself I've only got around 700 FB friends but I'm active in a New Mexico group with nearly 70k members. Whenever someone complains in that group about Facebook I'm right there to mention Steemit as the next big thing. We can all find those opportunities if we try.


Beast mode, if we all work as a group and team... the masses will start learning about steemit. Its a win-win :)

Followed, upvoted and re-steemed.
Let's keep STEEM rocking and a rollin!



Influencing should starts within/by yourself, you as a steemian. 😎😎


Yup, I influenced a lot of people to get on steemit lol

I already support@jerrybanfield and @suppoman I love their content.

I will start following @grantcardone soon.


All good guys to support :)

yes offcourse right saying @stackin, everyone should follow your advice



Oh wow! I am following @jerrybanfield, and I agree he posts awesome stuff!!

And I didn't know @grantcardone has a steemit account, thanks to this. I like him so much, I bought some of his courses and ebooks. Follow this guy, he knows what he is saying.

Never heard of @suppoman. Will check him out. But coming from your recommendation, I am sure he is great!

Thanks @stackin for reminding people that we need to spread the word about steemit.


No problem, thats why I'm here for... giving steemians info jk lol


Already following Jerry.
It was @pressfortruth that brought me here.


Dan Dicks is the man! Everyone should support him also, he did some pretty epic steemit videos :)

Nah but I'm gonna keep supporting you @stackin! Go hard get paid! 😎 It was kinda weird with out emoticons


I was going to bust some emoji's but not on the iphone right now haha

Support is very important, agree with you! resteem and upvote you)


Powerful... haha

I see you still @Stackin, grinding & keeping the torch in hand moving up the ladder as well my guy! Great post & I agree We definitely could use the help of keeping these great content guys motivated to feed the minnow community


Totally right, thanks for stopping by :)

Great post, agreed, BUT there are several other influencers that were left out. I know you are connected to Grant-I get it and I support you guys 100% ...I even have Grant's book. So, yes let's support our influencers, but yes, let's all grind, yes let's find "all" the influencers and put them out there in front of our friends and fans. @stackin


My mannn... 10X Life. Yeah, there are tons of influencers out there, its just they just don't understand crypto but once they do, they will get on steemit :)


Oh I was thinking other steemians like Berwick. I'll be sure to mention them in some posts. 👍🏾

Not familiar with all these people , but I will definitely look at their posts and support them more , and try to be an influence myself by letting my friends know about this amazing community , the more people joining steemit the more fun , the more probability of letting ur content be recognized . Good luck with this amazing project , keep it up.


You are right on point! Lets all become influencers and get the message out to millions of peeps :)

I am always with you and my support is for them for sure. Keep the good words spread about steemit.


Apppppresh bossman @rocksg!

Been tagging people in Jerry's post for the last month! This is a true story! There Facebook...or YouTube videos need to be shared or people need to bring there friends to view there videos at the least! I wish one day this platform would be more average joe user friendly and it will take off:)


Thats so true! They do a better job of explaining steemit than I can to newbs lol

ty, grant is new to me:)


Dude is a beast, get the 10x rule... the best book you will ever read :)


Okay mahh man!

Will check on it!

Stay awesome!

Golden words: Without Influence, ideas and products don't matter if no one knows about it ~ Charles Fuchs. This whale gotta get out to find some new Steemminnows for lunch:)


Lets call it Steemit Gold. haha... Just found out about your services a few days ago, let's go get some minnows for ya :)

Litterally made a post on buzzcoin ha love it.


I'm going to take a look at t 😬

I take who I follow seriously. I watch them closely, so I'll trust you and follow but tell them I'll be watching them!! You got earn my support!


Yeah these are good peeps but if you see something you don't like, move on to the next one haha 😀

I think this is a very good strategy; letting the people that promote Steemit to lots of people know that we are 100 % behind them. What a great initiative! Hope this will bring some more people to Steemit in the long-term ;)


It totally will, If it wasn't for jerry's video he did in may 2017 about steemit, I wouldn't of been here :)

as always clear words from you. There is no such thing to add. Steemit must grow easily and that is the way! Thanks for sharing my friend.


Thanks @homeartpictures! You the man!

I just followed, upvoted, commented on these guys.Actually,in the morning I already read a post by @jerrybanfield 10 reasons to buy and hold steem, a really nice one!


You are the best @damira, I just seen that video also... great video to get people into steem :)

I have seen some great post floating around steemit and I like the fact that they are here to stay once posted so I can refer to them at a later date. I don't know how steemit is setup and how long it will be around. This is an awesome site and success for this type of site is automatic and people willing surely join. They will just be new to crypto-currency world. most people are unaware of Bitcoin, Steem etc... @cleverbot when will they realize steem is real?

"Today, there will be hardly no emjoi's, gif's, memes or anything" - inserts minion meme gif in the middle of the article :D

I like steemit and @future24 -- here is the link:
https://steemit.com/deutsch/@future24/future24coin-wurde-gebohren-kostenloser-steemit-giveaway-and-bounty-programm-ideen here You get (in the time beeing) coins for free
I also use steemnow.com, very practical

Well, you are very right. We should support them because they help us indirectly, by making steem grow faster

Thank you for this @stackin.

I was already a follower of @jerrybanfield. I will most definitely follow the other two.

This platform has the ability to totally dominate. It is something that we need to keep pushing. This article made me realize that I can do more to promote the idea of Steemit. From now I will use every opportunity to mention it and get the word out there.

Thank you for making me take a look in the mirror.

I just give a vote to jerry banfield n i had made a blog about it. Cuz i came to know about steemit by looking one of his video. So i am very thankful for it 😍😍

Maybe the steemit influencers should relate and not ignore simple chat.....and try upvote minnows too, not just whales and Dolphins............Eyes Rolling

None of the names you mentioned ever respond to ordinary hi and hello...including @stackin

Your publications are really beautiful I've checked most of them and found them amazing you're really worth it all thanks for sharing
I hope to be like you in the future I work with all my efforts and perfection of God

I agree we need to get the word, and I have followed your advice and supported them all. Thanks for the effort, and together we can make a difference.

You are doing amazing work @stackin. Please accept my support

"I've been an Entrepreneur for almost 20+ years and own many businesses." @stackin it made me WOW!

Thanks for getting the message out!!

All done!


Would be great if uncle G could show that he's on board by investing - either with time or money, both would be awesome!

I couldn't agree with you more after all the underlying commodity that supports the steam corn is in fact predominantly the Creator content

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Best followers

Awesome, resteemed

Damn Rights!!! Lets get behind these guys!!!!

Ok, I was already following grantcardone and I just added jerrybanfield and suppoman. Thanks @stackin!

Done following them and Some improvements are also necessary for the required attention
Especially the sign up confirmation
let's hope for the best for the Steemit

While the number of users is rising, the Daily Postings number is flat or even in a slightly downward trend. This makes me suspect that user retention is a bigger problem than on-boarding more users.

Users stay when people appreciate their content; putting your votes more towards the "big influencers" in stead of towards content you like will be counterproductive. It would also confirm the opinion many people already have that only the big fish on Steemit make money, and that it doesn't matter much what you post as long as you score high in the popularity contest.

So, no. Better advice would be to curate more and vote for content you like without taking the doings, or popularity, or big wallet of the author into account.

Congratulations @stackin!
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I'm in @stackin ! We need to support those guys and we all need to promote it to! We need to expose this wonderful platform wherever and however we can! Im only minnow now but I'm about to start to use all my marketing knowledge and skills that I gained in last 6 years to promote the Steemit! I sincerly believe that this platform can change the history of the internet and social media!

Pretty good post. And I agree with you. No matter how great of a concept steemit might be, if the marketing is nonexistent it's never gonna reach the heights and potential it's meant to reach. It's very important that all do our bit, even if it's just sharing with your friend, just 1 friend, all of us, Steemit will grow tremendously

Thanks for this. I actually didn't realize @suppoman was here haha. I gave him a follow and comment :)

Nice post bro! Those views though!

That is so true! Imagine if only ONE celebrity promoted Steemit! This would literally blow up overnight! @stackin

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Nice, made the Hero Team :)

Wow Charles... Even we never met in person as yet but your writing shows the person you are ... Fast and furious! Which is good for your marketing career. Your energy of writing made me read as fast as you were writing lol. Anyway do keep it up. Cheers!