Did you read the title? So many people in society these days make a lot of excuses why they can't be somewhat healthy or fit...

In my opinion, It's 10X much easier to be "fit" than "fat"... There are several simple rules I live by that takes hardly no time all. ⏰

So what are my "STACKIN" Fit Rules? It's pretty simple. 💁‍♂️

1.) Drink a gallon of "clean" water everyday.
2.) Hit the gym 2 times a week for just an hour.
3.) Stop eating all the damn time (Intermittent Fasting "1-4 Hour Window").

Total Hours Spent working out, eating, cooking and drinking water in a week? Just 4 hours (approximately 16 hours a month)! 😂

It's also weird that I only sleep about 5 hours a day since I started this "plan" 7+ years ago and I have more energy than anyone I know, I'm never freaking tired. 🤷‍♂️

This Stackin' philosophy involves "NO"... magic pills, lotions, potions, stupid diet plans, lots of time, crazy workouts or anything like that! 😅

Yes, That's It! How fuckin' simple is that!

What do you guys think? Am I fuckin' crazy? I think I am... because the meaning of "crazy" is just the opposite what "average" people say or do... and I know being "average" is no way to live. It's too damn boring! 😉

Keep On STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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I think what gets in the way of most people is diet and especially alcohol. I exercise like a madman but still have a bit of a stomach because I refuse to stop drinking beer. Sorry! But it is a major part of the fun in my life!

The people I know that talk about getting in shape constantly normally do so whilst sitting at the bar drinking their full flavored lagers. That is all they ever do, just talk. The hardest part about going to the gym is the physical journey of going to the gym. For me, once I am there i get in the zone and the workout is easy. I am willing to bet that the same would be true for most people.

  1. Make small, achievable goals and avoid blanket statements that don't mean anything like "lose 5 pounds."
  2. Watch the carbs, especially when snacking. I keep nuts and fruit in the house for when i am feeling peckish
  3. get to the gym, even if you don't do very much, it is better than sitting on your ass at home.



I agree however losing 5 pounds is important to some people, and such statements are actually more like 'milestones'
I have managed to loose 3 (first) kilos of my target and I feel so great to be able to keep this number going..
It also does serve as a motivation to go on :)
So, no matter how small the goal, if it gets you going, it is good enough!


That’s how you do it! You got this 😎

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I think you and I have the similar "problem", we love to"live" life and that includes alcohol haha. I lived in Vegas for 18 years and "alcohol" is part of life here haha

Water is essential 💙 ♩♬♬

Tastes of wanna drink

!BEER lol :) 💙

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I put vodka in my water sometimes haha :)


That is a vodka bottle in the picture, right?

5 hours of sleeps sounds cruel, I need at least 8!


Keep that on the down low! People think I'm a "nice" person on here haha


What, they do? I’ve never thought you are nice 😝

This quote here, oh yes!

*What do you guys think? Am I fuckin' crazy? I think I am... because the meaning of "crazy" is just the opposite what "average" people say or do... and I know being "average" is no way to live. It's too damn boring! 😉

Keep On STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs*



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i'm still workin on that snackin front !😆🙈


Dodgeball action hahaha

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Dang, and i was looking foward to using “lotions and potions” darnit. Hahaha #humor

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I know, right? I've been looking for the lotions and potions for 2 decades... haha.

I tried intermittend fasting a while ago and I definitely felt a lot better but I gave up for I don't know what stupid kind of reason. So I am just about to start my second attempt.
And I really have to force myself and remind myself to trink enough water throughout the day.


Intermittent fasting changed my life... I don't even thing about eating and sleeping for years. I hit 43 this year and I feel and look in my 20's haha

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Great one @stackin!
I fully agree with you, sometimes though it can be pretty hard to be fit after you get fat - that's why it is better to know before hand :)
Thanks for motivating us!