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It happens to the best of us... when you have some goals in life regardless what it is, we all tend to hit some speed bumps along the way.

For me, it was getting hurt bustin' up my back in the beginning of August when I tried to lift a couple of 90 LBS dumb bells off the ground. 🏋

Was it stupid of me doing that? 🤦

Maybe... It was a typical thing for me to do as I lifted heavy weights all my life but in the last couple of years... I weight much less now (150 LBS) and got way older (almost 43). 👴

What seems to be very simple to do for me in the past isn't that easy anymore. I thought I was in my 20's again. 😂

I find it pretty hilarious how a month of low activity can change your body for the worse when getting injured.

Many will say, Charles "You still look fit and good for your age" but In my eyes, that's not good enough. I'm a 10X dude, I hate being average. 💁‍♂️

Did I complain when I hurt my back last month? Not at all, I still went to the gym (kinda) but was doing all the "old man" machine workouts with light weights. 🤦

With that being said, my back is like 90% healed up and I'm right back at it. Just remember, in life... you will run into things that will make it harder for you to reach your goals.

You can make excuses or be the "just do it" type of person and get shit done. Anyways, just a quick update!

Watch me hurt my back again this week! JK JK

Keep On STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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Life is Dramatic :) 💙


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People these days sure love drama 😂😂

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All the best with your back man! You've got it! Thank-GOD i was in A+ condition when i got wreckt in 2017. And, with the recent smash up this past summer i was working so hard & diligently to get strong & resilient again. Shit that can happen in life is so real. So glad choose to take Health seriously. Like you 10 times --kind of person! No midline here! It's sure an adventure! Go easy on that back eh!!? 👴 haha! 😂😁


So many speed bumps on the road of life, we all have them. Watch me destroy my back again haha jk


I should try 11X HAHA :)


Bro thank god you were talking about just body gains, i swear you were talking like crypto gainz or something on twitter and saw the steem post and thought damn is stackin makin a post about how he lost money on steem? i clicked and has a sigh of relief as i saw you were just talkin about weight and muscle gains :D lol well phew, no problem than

make sure you get that PAL and SPORTS before i get them BOTH on EOS and NEWDEX, oh and NEOXAG too

whats ur fav steem engine token? Ill guide em through the process of EOS-EX like i did with my SAND now on steem and EOS... its just $150 + 30 eos paid to steem-engine, its cheap and then newdex listing free they just need another 20 eos in ram for the gateway etc and get 1000 holder son eos.

a month is ages in the weightlifting world. I find that I lose gains if i miss even 5 days or so.

Lately i have been transitioning to more cardio in an effort to switch up my game a bit. I focused on lifting weights almost entirely for about 6 months and doing no cardio and gained a lot of muscle as you would expect. However, the other day i tried to run a mere 7km jungle race and couldn't even run the whole thing.

Therefore i am going to switch up my game this month, see what that does for me.

Some of the best bodybuilders don't do any cardio but they are younger than we are and can get away with it. The older people like movie stars that stay in great shape like Cruise, Bale, Momoa all recommend 45 minutes of cardio every day ... yikes. oh well, i'll give it a try. :)


I'm thinking about adding a little cardio. I took 2 years off my cardio haha. I think most people add cardio when cuttin' :)

I follow "the rock" and mark wahlberg on instagram... they go crazy with there 4am workouts lol


whenever I think about movie stars and their workout regime i am bit jealous. The diet aspect of it is the hardest part for me but those guys almost certainly have dietitians and access to the perfect supplements and healthy but protein-rich foods. The rest of us just get whey powder and chicken breast :)


Most of them take steroids for there movie roles lol


there is a good chance that is true.... amongst other things

Please don’t hurt your back again. You must think about your future.. keeping in shape and your workouts must be done without injuries to yourself. You can do it... without breaking your back😊. Woot woot losing the weight you gain, @stackin! Congrats🎉🍾💐

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I'm going to start working out my back muscles haha

Maybe if you try to lift a couple of 180 LBS..🤔😅🎃🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️

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They were 180 lbs total, so I win 😂😂😂

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I'm a mere shadow of my former self now. I used to weigh 328 lbs. Now down to 255 at 6'4". Pic of me back in 2003...

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 7.21.40 PM.png


Your a big dude, I wouldn’t want to mess with ya! 🤣😎

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Damn dude, I know that sooner or later it's going to happen to me... I love using the max weight in the gym for traps for the last set, 110lbs dumbbells, but I know that sooner or later I'll try to pick them up and I'm going to pull something, well, you are 43 so I still have some more years left in the tank to pick them up and kill my traps xD

Have you ever thought about TRT down the road?


Hey now, I’m almost 43 haha. After hitting 40 a few years ago and my main goal was just to stay lean around 150 lbs at 5’10. Carrying to much weight and bigger muscles are not good at my age haha

I was thinking about taking trt many years ago to increase my testosterone level but found intermittent fasting 7 years ago which increase the levels naturally. I need to get a blood check soon so I can test my levels lol

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Check them, 43 is still not old enough imho so no need for trt, but if you want to workout past 55-60 you'll probably need TRT, even with IF.

Hey Stackin, it is so easy to feel young, to me it is a great way to go in life no matter your age.


Love this! It’s so true 😎

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