How to make cheeses from milk? Want easy and detailed explanation ...?

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Ingredients: 8 cup cow's pure milk 1/4 lemon juice thin cotton cloth salt (will) .......... Blend milk in a large container and milk it. Milk can be burnt if the fuel does not need to stir constantly ... Keep stirring with lemon juice and stirring the oven. Almost immediately, the milk has been left without a bit (if there is no change in milk, then continue stirring more lemon juice and stirring it to the oven more then). When the milk is ready, remove the stove from the stove and pour it into thin cotton cloth and wash the chicks, pour the cold water so that lemon juice is washed. Then add salt to your taste. Salt based on how much salt you want to eat. But do not give too much, Because I have to pay it again. Chop the salt with salt and make the cloth very tight with the patch so that all the water is out. Then pour chapati in a bamboo or plastic basket and put it under heavy pressure so that all the water is dried. After all the water is released, leave the panier's ball out of the basket in a cool place or refrigerate after 4/5 hours. When the cheese gets cooked, you can serve. But there will be more work to get the right taste. After a few hours of preparation, get out of the basket when the cheese becomes quite frozen. Make a hole with the stick on it. Then fill the entire body of the paneer with salt and then fill it with the basket. Then put them in a cool place with a tear. If you want to eat salt, then change the salt and turn in such a few days after the cheese. The salt-plated pineapple protects from fungus deposits. You can also refrigerate with salt. 2/3 days after the creation of the original dakai paneer taste!

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thanks😊 for sharing the recipe🧀