Cheetah Report for 2020.03.11

2년 전

Cheetah is an informative robot that might comment on your post. If she does, she will claim that she found similar content somewhere else on the web. This is because you likely copy and pasted some form of content -- whether it be your own or not. This is not an accusation of wrongdoing, but merely an informative comment for the reader.

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Report for Cheetah comments on 2020.03.11:

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@cheetah did you know that everything we post on the Appics App. Automatically posts onto Steemit, we have no control over that. I can't believe Cheetah is actually spamming people on Appics, Wow!!! We are all capable of making our own decisions without being Spammed, I'm sure everyone by now knows exactly what's going on!!


Yes. We all do know now

Ты пидрила, ты че мне тут свой спам оставляешь на мои посты а? Ты че черт ебаный! Уебись с полки чмо спамерское! Ты помечаешь посты спамом, но твои то посты ничем не лучше одно говно автоматическое создаешь. Нахуй ты тут вообще нужен? Деньги гребешь лопатой уебок. И систему убиваешь своим спамом. Перестань спамить людям под посты!